Best Product – Zero Tolerance 0770CF – a Lightweight and Good-Looking EDC Knife

Zero Tolerance 0770CF Knife

Zero Tolerance’s 0770CF folding pocket knife is a carbon fiber version of the 0770 knife that was first announced in 2013. It features a 3.25″ Elmax steel blade, and a Speed Safe assisted opening flipper mechanism.

I have developed a fondness towards Zero Tolerance knives, with the 0801 Rexford knife being my favorite thus far. I ordered the 0770CF for myself as a birthday present, and have been using it for a couple of days now.


It’s too soon for me to have made up my mind about the 0770CF for certain, but thus far I’m pretty pleased with it.


Elmax blade is well formed and well sharpened. Elmax is a powdered stainless steel knife blade alloy designed specifically for exceptional toughness, edge retention, and wear resistance.

The carbon fiber handle (with steel inner liners) is lightweight and classy-looking. This could very well be Zero Tolerance’s lightest folding pocket knife, as it weighs a mere 3 ounces! The carbon fiber handle is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Despite the carbon fiber handle, the knife feels just as strong and sturdy and I would expect from Zero Tolerance.


I am not completely sold on the shape of the blade. The 0770CF’s modified drop point blade shape means there’s not much of a “belly” to the blade. It’s not quite what I’m used to, but I’m not sure that really qualifies the blade shape as a downside.

I really wish that Zero Tolerance would come out with manual-opener versions of their assisted-opener knives.


The 0770CF is much more affordable than I expected it to be, but there’s no obvious sacrifice in build quality of construction materials. This is a nicely polished knife that performs well and looks great. Plus it’s light and narrow, making it a great EDC pocket knife.

I wish Zero Tolerance made this a manual flipper knife, but it seems that more users are interested in assisted opening mechanisms. There might be a way to modify the knife to allow for manual deployment, but I haven’t had the patience to disassemble the knife to check for a manual detent. Maybe I’ll wait a little longer until someone else photographs the disassembled knife on an EDC or knife enthusiast forum.

I paid about $137 plus tax for the knife, from Amazon, and it looks like they dropped the price by a couple more dollars. It’s now $131. Even the $137 I spent is a lot lower than the $180 MSRP for the knife. At under $140, this is one of Zero Tolerance’s more affordable pocket knives.

The ZT 0770CF is made in the USA!

It will take quite a bit more use for me to be certain about the 0770CF, at which point I will put together a more in-depth review. But for the time being, I have yet to see any real downsides to the knife.

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Looking for something a little different? The ZT 0801 – which I absolutely love – has dropped in price to $147 via Amazon. Like the 0770CF, the 0801 cost a pretty penny, but it’s also made of premium materials. The 0801 has an Elmax steel blade and titanium handle, and buttery-smooth manual flipper blade opening mechanism.