Best Product – X-Acto Basic Precision Knife Set

X-Acto Basic Precision Knife Set

I was scouting out Amazon’s tool deals when I came across this X-Acto precision knife set, which is apparently currently on sale.

It comes with 3 X-Acto knife handles of different sizes and styles, an assortment of 10 blades (13 total), and a soft case to store it all in.


X-Acto is no longer the only name in the precision knife market these days, but their products have held up quite well over the years.

Their blades are also exceptionally good. I’ll use Stanley precision knife blades on occasion, but tend to prefer X-Acto blades.

It might surprise you to know that I generally only use one blade size, the standard #11 blade. I’d like to try out the #16 blade, but the last time I checked I could only find it in assortment packs or 100-count bulk packages.

With this kit being priced very reasonably, it might find its way into my Amazon cart. But do I need that #2 knife? I think I used to have a heavy duty knife as part of an assortment – the one with the plastic handle grip – but I don’t remember. I can’t remember what happened to the small wood-boxed assortment either.

Sale Price: $12.90

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If you don’t need a whole selection like this, there’s a #1 knife with Z-series #11 blade at a very reasonable price (as of the time of this posting).

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I’m still a little annoyed at X-Acto. They had a free Z-series blade sample offer a few years ago, but I never received my sample blade. I’m still interested in seeing if the blade is any better than their standard blades.

While we’re on the subject of hobby knives, I might as well mention my affinity for Excel, and their knives. They have cushion grips – at least the one I have – and what I find to be a better blade clamp. To lock blades in place, you tighten a knob at the bottom of the knife, instead of at the forward grip section. The Excel knives are made in the USA and also come with safety caps.

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Excel also offers a USA-made assortment similar to the X-Acto one above. It’s priced at just under $20 via Amazon. The X-Acto set is made in China, although it’s not clear if that includes the blades too, which I thought were still made in the USA.

The X-Acto kit mentioned above does not seem to come with caps, but the “See Also” mention of their standalone #1 knife with Z-series blade does come with a cap. If you plan on keeping your hobby knife out in the open, they make a stand that keeps the blade down and the handle up and ready for use.