Best Product – Woodpeckers DelVe Square is Now a Regular Tool You Can Buy Anytime

One of my favorite Woodpeckers one-time tools: the DelVe square, is now available as a regular tool on their website, priced at $60. If you order one before February 17, 2020, you can get a pre-sale discount and pick up the diminutive square for $50.

I reviewed the Delve square way back in 2015 and photographed just about all the operations you can perform with the square. Here’s a quick rundown on the features:

  • 90° and 45° angles with angle scale
  • Offset base with 1/4″ and 3/8″ measurements
  • Total base width 3/4″ and 1/4″ thick
  • Blade is 1/8″ thick and 1/2″ wide.
  • Scribing guides every 1/8″
  • Peephole for centering holes in a 3/4″ wide board.

The only real difference I can see between the original one-time tool from 5 years ago and the new version is the new version comes in a protective MDF holder rather than a foam-lined plastic case.


DelV square in protective MDF holder

The DelVe square is expected to ship in the middle of March 2020 (3/20/2020).

Price: $60 ($50 before 2/12/2020)

Buy DelVe Square from Woodpeckers


Since the introduction of the DelVe square in 2015, there have been a few new entries into this pocket square category.

New Milwaukee Trim Square

If you are looking for a low cost option, there’s a new Milwaukee Tool trim square. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of the DelVe square, but the Milwaukee trim square has enough of the features and at a much lower price that it could be a viable option. I posted about the similarities on Instagram a while ago.

Price: $11

Buy Milwaukee Square via Acme Tools
Buy Milwaukee Square via Tool Nut

Martinez Micro Square in Metric

Another new contender is the Martinez micro square. It’s also made from aluminum (their full size square is made from titanium) and has a ton of built-in features.

There are limited quantities of the Imperial micro square available and the Metric version is currently sold out and they aren’t expecting any until December, although I’m not sure if they mean 2019 or 2020.

Price: $75

Buy Imperial Micro Square
Buy Metric Micro Square