Best Product – Wera Limited Edition Stainless Steel Multi-Bit Screwdriver Set

`Wera Limited Edition Rebel Kraftform Kompact 20 Bit Driver Set

Over at Amazon, they have this Wera limited edition “Easter Egg” multi-bit screwdriver set on sale for $47.

This looks to be a stainless steel version of the Wera Kraftform Kompakt 25 screwdriver that I love using – and that driver is currently $29 “with deal” via Amazon.


This special edition has a stainless steel Rapidaptor bit holder, and the screwdriver bits are also said to made from stainless steel.

You get the tool pouch, extending bit holder, 6 bits, and also a Wera “Tool Rebels” Easter egg.

The stainless steel part is a big deal, as certain applications and work environments require it.

I’ve seen stainless steel screwdrivers before, but I’m not sure that I’ve seen a stainless steel multi-bit screwdriver like this one. Seems like a neat idea.

It looks like this was a limited edition 2019 special, and online price history trackers show that the price has went up and down quite a few times since then. It looks to have launched at $55 via Amazon, and other USA dealers have pricing ranging from $65 to $84.

There’s another version of this set with the egg painted a little different, and it’s priced at $66.

Price: $47

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Compare: Alternate Egg via Amazon

There are other Wera stainless steel screwdriver alternatives:

If you need stainless steel screwdrivers, for rust prevention or otherwise, your options are often limited. But if you don’t, then you’ll save money going with conventional tools by Wera and other brands.

Many industries, such as in healthcare, food service, and others, require the use of anti-rust and anti-corrosive tools.

I have also read numerous times that if you use regular screwdrivers with stainless steel fasteners, bits of steel can be left behind in the fastener recess, leading to rust and contamination.

Personally, despite the discount, I don’t think the Kraftform Kompakt screwdriver in stainless steel is a particularly hot deal. But, I figured maybe some of you were eager for a  multi-bit stainless steel screwdriver or the Easter egg packaging.

It might also be worth it to add it to your Amazon cart and “save it for later.” This isn’t something I need at its current sale pricing, but that might change if it drops another $10 or so.

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