Best Product – Wallet Ninja, a Flashy Credit Card Tool

Wallet Ninja Tool

We just a TV commercial for the Wallet Ninja, an 18-in-1 credit card-sized multi-tool. The spokesman was loud, extremely over-caffeinated, and more excited than anyone should ever be about a credit card tool. But he made the tool look fun.

The Wallet Ninja is priced at $10-$15, which seems like a bit much for a simple metal credit card tool, but maybe it’s got some great features. I took a few minutes to learn more about it.



  • 6 hex wrenches
  • 4 screwdrivers
  • cell phone stand (requires any other credit card to work)
  • bottle opener
  • can opener
  • letter opener
  • box opener
  • fruit peeler
  • 2 inch ruler
  • 5 cm ruler

The Wallet Ninja is made from heat-treated stainless steel and is guaranteed to never rust, bend, or dull.

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There are a number of other credit card tools currently on the market, such as the widely-available 11-in-1 survival tool.

The Wallet Ninja has 18 “tools,” but overall it doesn’t look very functional. While it might come in handy in a pitch, how many people buy into the hype only to never actually use the tool except to show off to their buddies?

Some reviewers remark how the Wallet Ninja tool is awesome, others describe it as being plain awful.

Honestly, it looks quite flashy at first, notwithstanding the obnoxiousness of the TV commercial. If there was ever an iconic 1-minute infomercial, that was it. But, although flashy and loud enough to look fun and a bit intriguing at the surface, the tool also looks awkward and odd to use.

Watching the YouTube version of the commercial, the can opener usage example makes me cringe. I’d rather find a sharp rock before I used a can opener function that creates ribbons of metal.

Update: At Joe’s suggestion I watched the commercial one more time, this time in full HD. He’s right, there are no metal ribbons – the ribbon effect is an illusion caused by liquid spilling over from inside the can.

Am I being overly critical here? Have you used something like this? Would you use this?