Best Product – Topeak Pro Station Bike Maintenance Tool Box (and Tool Set)

Topeak Bike Station Pro Tool Box

The Topeak Prep Station Pro tool box is the centerpiece of what looks to be an all-in-one bike maintenance tool set.

A few years ago, I posted about a Topeak mini bit ratchet set, which is no longer available. (Here’s the updated set on Amazon).


This Prep Station Pro tool box and tool set is definitely bike maintenance-specific, but I found the tool box design to be interesting and maybe even inspiration for anyone with DIY aspirations.

In other words, it’s a specialty product that is very expensive, but I thought the interesting design to be worth a quick post nonetheless.

The Topeak tool box has 7 tool and part storage areas – 5 for tools, and 2 for small parts and components.

The tool and component trays seem to pivot around a rear post support, and it looks like they can do so completely independently, allowing for easy access of tools and supplies

Its’s like a rolling field supply box, the kind of bike tool box that is wheeled out to races, competitions, and group rides.

Topeak Bike Station Pro Tool Set

The tool set features 55 tools, a mix of bike-specific tools and some universally-purposed tools.

Topeak Bike Station Pro Tool Box Opened

Here’s a better look at how the Prep Station opens up for tool access.

Topeak Bike Station Pro Tool Set Organization

Everything is neatly organized for you. The bottommost tray serves as a catch-all for tools and larger bike parts.

The handle folds down for easier storage or transport, and there are 5″ ball bearing wheels help with mobility.

Ignoring the price, this looks pretty cool. If you’re into road or mountain bikes, what do you think of the set? If you’re not, what do you think about the tool box, aside from being very pricey?

Price: $900

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