Best Product – ToolGuyd Bosch Blaze GLM50C LDM + EDC Favorites Giveaway! (Ends 12/18/19)

ToolGuyd Bosch Blaze Laser Distance Meaasuring Tools Giveaway Prize

As discussed yesterday, Bosch (our sponsor this week) is holding a special contest where you can win a Bosch GLM 50C laser distance measuring tool package.

Bosch’s contest is on Instagram, and you should enter if you can. Deconstruct your daily tool kit, snap a photo, and tag @BoschtoolsNA and #toolbelttetriscontest in a post by 12/18/19.


BUT, I do know some of you aren’t fans of social media or social media-focused contests. Good news, we’ve got one of these awesome laser distance measuring tools to give away to one lucky ToolGuyd reader.

Not only that, I decided to dig into my secret stash of special giveaway ideas.

The Prize Package

Bosch GLM 50C Laser Distance Measuring Tool

At the heart of the giveaway will be the Bosch GLM 50C laser distance measuring tool, which is modern, accurate, and feature-packed.

14′ 5-3/16″. That’s the length of the hallway outside my office. It was quicker to take the measurement (I used a GLM 20) than to read out the measurement in words.

Tape measures are useful for a lot of things. An open-air measurement spanning nearly 14-1/2 feet? My Stanley 25′ tape measure buckles halfway. I could try to take the measurement along the floor, but why? A tape measure and compact laser distance measuring tool is a great combination.

Beta Tools Bit Ratchet Bit Set

I’ve been holding onto the Beta bit ratchet set for 6 years, ever since I reviewed it here on ToolGuyd. It’s a quality set for all of your compact or tight quarters fastening needs.

Engineer PH-55 Tetsuwan EDC Scissors

To the left of the LDM is a brand new pair of Engineer Inc scissors, which are among my favorite EDC tools.

Engineer L Wrench Bit Driver

Below the Bosch laser measuring tool is an Engineer Inc right angle bit driver kit. It doesn’t ratchet, but it fits in tight spaces – as well as your pocket – and can be used for a range of fastening tasks.

Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker and Classic Knife Combo

Lastly, the prize package will also include a pair of Victorinox Swiss Army knives – a Tinkerer and a Classic. I bought this pair a while ago, and kept holding onto it for a special giveaway. Well, now’s the time.

Basically, these are some of my favorite tools, tools that I wouldn’t want to be left without.

I have found Bosch laser distance measuring tools to be indispensable over the past few years, for so many very different measuring tasks.

How to Enter

Leave a comment in response to this post, and tell me about your favorite or most indispensable tools. OR, tell me how winning a Bosch GLM 50C might benefit you. OR, write a poem (haiku or otherwise) about Bosch laser distance measuring tools.

Also, fill out this form with your shipping address:

Address Form

Winner Selection

There will be (1) winner, selected at random.


The entry period ends at 11:59pm ET, 12/18/2019. The winning comment will be selected, and then I will grab your shipping address info from the form, linked above.

If the shipping information is incomplete, I will select another winner. The address and shipping information entered into the form will only be used for the purpose of this giveaway.

Contiguous USA addresses only. One entry per person.

Prize Fulfillment

ToolGuyd will be sending out the prize package by the end of this week.

Bosch provided the GLM 50C, Beta provided the bit ratchet set for review, and ToolGuyd paid for the Engineer Inc. and Victorinox tools.

Thank You to Bosch

As mentioned, Bosch is sponsoring us this week, with advertising focused on the GLM 50C and the contest they’re running on Instagram right now.