Best Product – Time’s Almost up – Bosch Laser Distance Measuring Tool Contest and Our Giveaway End Soon! (12/18/19)

Bosch Blaze Contest December 2019

There are a couple hours left – show your daily tool kit (or even just your essentials) to enter Bosch’s Ultimate Blaze Kit contest on Instagram.

Step 1: Create a photo or video, showing off the essentials of your tool belt or tool bag.


Step 2: Share it on Instagram, tagging @BoschtoolsNA, and use the #toolbelttetriscontest hashtag in your post.

The contest is open for entries through 11:59PM CT 12/18/2019.

ToolGuyd Bosch Blaze Laser Distance Meaasuring Tools Giveaway Prize

Here at ToolGuyd, we’re running a separate giveaway, also ending tonight.

Everyone needs an LDM (laser distance meter or measurer). If you’ve got one, I’m sure you’ll agree. If you don’t, here’s why:

Tape measures are great for measuring short lengths or workpieces – even long boards or sheets. But open-air measurements beyond a couple of feet? Even the best blades flop around, curve, or collapse. Try measuring the length of a 14′ hallway where you don’t have anything to grab with the hook.

I have used Bosch’s laser distance measuring tools for years, and will continue using them for years more.

The Blaze GLM 50C at the focus of this giveaway offers a ton of features and functions, and should be perfect for most measurement needs where tape measures fumble.

If you’re looking to buy a new laser, the GLM 50C is a good choice.

If you’re on the fence as to whether a Bosch LDM will benefit you or not, the GLM 20 is a simpler device that’s more affordable. I’ve been using the GLM 20 and other one-button LDMs for a while, and they’re compact, convenient, and accurate. It’s the perfect starter LDM for users who aren’t yet convinced they need one.

But, before you buy one, enter the Bosch contest or our giveaway, and you just might score one for free!!

Buy Now: Bosch GLM 50C via Amazon
Buy Now: Bosch GLM 20 via Amazon