Best Product – This Makita 18V 6pc Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit Deal is Back

Makita XT614SX1 18V Cordless Power Tool Combo Kit

This Makita 18V 6-tool cordless power tool combo kit, XT614SX1, has just dropped in price to $299, which is where it was priced last year for Black Friday.

I had been wondering when this would happen, and when I just checked a few hours ago, it was still at $499.


We knew it would be $299 again – Home Depot’s Black Friday 2020 sales flyer said so.

This Makita XT614SX1 6-tool cordless combo kit is a very good deal at $299. Unfortunately, it’ll likely be excluded from any coupon promos, and so you’d be hard pressed to find opportunities to push the price down even lower.

Update: Acme Tools Black Friday Deals are LIVE

Here’s what you get:

  • 1/2″ Driver-Drill (XFD10Z)
  • Impact Driver (XDT11Z)
  • 6-1/2″ Circular Saw (XSS02Z)
  • Compact Reciprocating Saw (XRJ01Z)
  • Vacuum (XLC02ZB)
  • LED Flashlight (DML815)
  • Charger (DC18SD)
  • (2) 3.0Ah Batteries (BL1830B)
  • Tool Bag

In my opinion, this deal blows most of the other value-focused cordless power tool combo kit deals out of the water. The tools are decent quality, the tool bag looks like to be a more premium model, and you get (2) 3Ah batteries rather than lower capacity compact batteries.

Some other promos at this price point skimp on the tools, the batteries, or other aspects.

There are still some gotcha’s here. For instance, you get a compact reciprocating saw instead of a full-size model, but then again you might want that. Compact and lighter reciprocating saws are very useful for a wide range of tasks, and even preferred for a lot of lighter duty cutting tasks where you don’t need power, weight, and size of a larger saw, or the fatigue that comes along with it.

There are bound to be a lot of other cordless power tool combo kits on sale this year, but this will likely be the best value Makita set, and one of the best bang for the bucks we’ve ever seen at the $300 price point.

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Update: It’s also $299 at Home Depot right now.

Do you need the vacuum? If not, you might want to wait and see if last year’s deal returns – it featured Makita’s XT5050 5pc cordless power tool combo kit at the same $299 price. Right now that set is still $379 at Amazon and elsewhere. If you could use the cordless stick vacuum and compact reciprocating saw, stick with this 6pc combo kit deal. Or, wait to see if a pricier combo kit makes a more compelling case.