Best Product – This Kershaw Leek Folding Knife is on Sale Again, You Should Buy One

Kershaw Leek Onion Knife Folded Halfway

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Kershaw Leek folding pocket knife, and it’s on sale again, this time for $32.02.

You should buy one.


At this point, you might have one of three most likely reactions. Some of you might say 1) “yep, got one and I love/like/hate it, and if so, please chime in! Or, 2) “Never!” Maybe not, those of you in the never camp probably skipped this post entirely. Then there’s the biggest group, saying 3) “I’m listening…”

There’s also some of you saying “you’ve hurt my wallet enough this week!” To you, I say: look away! Absolutely do not follow this link and refrain from becoming a new knife owner.

The Kershaw Leek was my gateway knife, and it might be yours too. Or, you could stop here – the Leek checks a lot of boxes and might be the only non-utility knife you ever need.

(For a closer look at the Kershaw Leek pocket knife, check out my review here.)

Here’s a summary of why you should buy one:

  • Useful blade shape, sharp out of the box
  • Very compact and pocketable
  • Fast opening (assisted opening)
  • Great quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Modest aesthetics

Why shouldn’t you buy one? This is a smaller knife, and the assisted opening mechanism won’t be for everyone.

Do you even think you need a pocket knife? Honestly, figure that out first. Where are you on the fence? If you’re just shy of 50:50 yay to nay, I’d say skip this deal. Tell me what you might be looking for, and that will help me set the order for 2021 testing and reviews.

For those of you thinking “this might be my first real knife,” as opposed to a multi-tool knife blade, utility knife, or whatever you can get at the home center for $10, I do have one warning for you. This is a very versatile and well-made knife, and you’ll probably love it. But…

One day you might change your mind. I still have my Kershaw Leeks, and a more recent teal-handled Leek too. I use them on occasion, but I’ve also graduated from them. It’s a great knife, but after a while it started me down a path as I learned more about my preferences. Once you change your mind, and start looking for your next knife, that’s when things start to get expensive.

This is a great knife, but at this point it’s not the best knife for me. It took buying and owning this knife, and its partially serrated blade family member, before I started to figure out my preferences.

Why might the Leek be *the one* for you to start out with? It’s useful, reliable, and I like that it’s made in the USA. It also helps that it has a modest appearance. There are other decent knives in the $30 to $40 price range, but this still remains my favorite. It’s a good “budget buy” that hasn’t let me down.

Even if you went a different path for your pocket knife or knives, I love the Leek’s blade shape. As mentioned, I still use mine, and with great results.

If you don’t want an assisted opening mechanism, you will usually need to spend more for a manual opener that works as smoothly. The Leek also has a safety lock for keeping it closed when you don’t want any chance of an accidental opening.

This is a good deal right now.

Regular Pricing: ~$44
Sale Price: ~$32

Buy Now via Amazon

Reminder: you are responsible for knowing your local knife laws before buying or carrying any pocket knife. Here’s a good resource to start with. Assisted opening knives are sometimes mis-categorized and misinterpreted. When in doubt, full-manual knives are the safer choice.