Best Product – This is the Best Way to Tighten and Trim Nylon Zip Ties

Klein Tools 86570 Tie Tensioning Tool

If you work with nylon zip ties regularly, for bundling together or organizing wires, cables, or other materials, you should definitely look into getting a tensioning tool.

I have posted about Klein’s tie tensioning tool before, which can tighten cable ties up to 15/32″ wide with up to 65 lbs of tension.


At the time of this posting, you can buy this tool for $27, which is a couple of dollars less than when I posted about it a few years ago.

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I was talking to Dan from Tools in Action, and he LOVES this tool. Here’s their video, which concisely shows why you need one:

Sure, you could use diagonal cutters, flush cutters, utility knives, or other methods to trim zip ties after you tighten them. But, the cut edges will usually be sharp. Raise your hand if a trimmed zip tie has ever drawn your blood before.

Plus, you have to tension zip ties before you trim them. Have you ever trimmed a zip tie after you through your tensioned it, forcing you to do it all over again.

The Klein tool tightens and then trims zip ties in a quick and fluid manner.

I have other brands and styles of cable tie tensioning tools, and they work in a similar manner. But, this Klein looks to work with larger and stronger zip ties than the tools I usually work with.

If or when I start working with larger zip ties regularly, I’ll definitely add one of these to my toolbox.

Over at Amazon, the Klein 86570 has more than 1000 reviews, with 84% 5-star and 10% 4star ratings.

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