Best Product – The Older SawStop Jobsite Table Saw is on Sale, Should You Buy it? (11/20/19)

Sawstop Jobsite Saw

SawStop recently introduced a new jobsite table saw, priced at $1500. The tabletop is a little deeper than the current model, the fence has been slightly updated, and the included blade guard has been improved and has built-in dust collection.

SawStop’s original jobsite table saw has been reduced in price by $300, from $1299 to $999. The retailers I checked all charge $100 flat rate shipping, with the saw coming directly from SawStop.


So, with this older and outgoing portable table saw on sale, should you buy one?

I should note that the following comments are in regard to the older SawStop jobsite table saw vs. the new one. This isn’t about SawStop vs. non-SawStop table saws. Here, I’m just going to talk about the new deal.

For one, a $300 discount is nothing to sneeze at. A year ago, months before the new model was announced, there was no discount – $1299 is what you paid, and that was that – plus shipping.

Second, not only is this model less expensive right now, it’s $400 lower than the new model. If you look at it the other way, stepping up to the new model requires ~36% greater investment.

If you like the idea of a dust port on the blade guard (there’s a larger dust collection port below the table as well), you could always buy one as an optional accessory, but that will diminish the value of this deal.

Older model: Was $1299 + shipping
Older model on sale: $999 + $100 shipping ($1100 total)
New model: $1399 + $100 shipping ($1500 total)

So it’s $1100 for this older model, vs. $1500 for the newer model.

I have a test sample of the older model, and frankly I don’t think it needs a larger tabletop. A deeper table? Sure – it can’t hurt, but I don’t think this was a big complaint. ALL jobsite table saws could stand to be deeper for greater workpiece feeding and support.

“Active dust collection blade guard?” That’s a good feature. I received a similar guard accessory with my test sample, and that’s the only guard I’ve used it with, and not the stock guard without dust collection. Unfortunately, there’s no on-tool storage for it the way there is for the stock guard on the older model. Presumably, the new model has storage for the new blade guard. I think the new fence might be a small upgrade as well.

It’s somewhat of a toss-up.

In my opinion, if you’re planning to buy a SawStop jobsite table saw, spring for the new model. However, the new $300 discount on the older model is going to make it more attractive to anyone who wanted flesh-detection and injury avoidance tech but couldn’t quite justify the $1299 + shipping price. You save $400 compared to the new model, unless you want the optional dust collection blade guard.

I think the older model is a good deal (for what you get)  at $999 + $100 freight, but I don’t know if I would recommend it over the upgrades the new model offers. But, $400 is a big difference.

Were you expecting me to be a more certain and reassuring voice? Okay, here goes:

Yes, this is a good deal IF you wanted a SawStop jobsite table saw and you don’t plan to cut a lot of thin pieces (that’s one of the things the new fence is said to help with), and you don’t care about an active dust collection blade guard.

If you want either of those things, consider the new model. SawStop sometimes throws in bonuses with their saws, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this with their jobsite saws, or any discounting. So, this will probably be your only chance to get a SawStop table saw for just under $1000 (excluding shipping).

Buy the old model and save $400, or consider the new model and there’s less a chance of buyer’s remorse over not springing more for its upgrades.

Price: $999 plus $100 freight

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