Best Product – The New Ridgid Cordless Miter Saw Looks Very Familiar (R48607B)

Ridgid Cordless Miter Saw R48607B

Ridgid sent over some news that they were coming out with a new cordless miter saw, model R48607B.

Given that the features, specs, and model number match up, it looks to me that Ridgid is basically relaunching the 18V brushless sliding miter saw they came out with 4-1/2 years ago, R48607K.


The Ridgid 18V cordless miter saw launched in kit format, R48607K, and it was discontinued rather quickly. Ridgid told us it was simply out of stock, but it has been years since the saw was actively available for sale.

Now, they’re launching the R48607B cordless sliding miter saw.

Ridgid Cordless Miter Saw R48607B Press Release Benefits Blurb

Ridgid says this about the miter saw:

  • Brushless Motor Technology delivers more runtime, power, and longer motor life
  • Delivers 2X More Cuts per Charge (compared to a professional grade competitors saw)
  • Built-in Dust Collection Port

I asked Ridgid (during weekend hours) if this is a new release or a relaunch, and if anything has changed. I’ll update the post when I hear back.


This is a reintroduction back into the market of that saw to meet the demand of some key users and build upon the expansion tools within the RIDGID platform.

And, I won’t blame you if you make faces at their 3 highlighted selling points. Built in dust collection port? What miter saws – corded or cordless – don’t have a dust collection port? True, brushless motor tech has runtime, power, longevity, and efficiency advantages, but that’s a generality that doesn’t really speak much about this particular tool.

Finally, it delivers 2X more cuts per charge, *compared to a professional grade competitors saw. “Compared to a non-specific competing saw.”

Ridgid Cordless Miter Saw R48607B LED Cut Line Indicator

But, the good news is that this saw really has a lot going for it.

Features & Specs

  • Ridgid 18V cordless power tool system
  • 7-1/4″ blade size
  • Weighs 24 lbs
  • Speed: TBA (older model: 3650 RPM)
  • LED cut line indicator
  • Dual bevel range
  • 1-1/4″ vacuum port (a dust bag is also included)

Ridgid Cordless Miter Saw R48607B Cutting Wood Trim Board

Price: $379 for the bare tool
ETA: Feb 2021

Compare: Discontinued Kit Version via Home Depot


Ridgid and Home Depot first announced their new cordless miter saw in July 2016. It was available in stores, and then on clearance at some locations by Halloween of that year, presumably to make space for holiday season SKUs.

In April 2018, readers were asking if the saw discontinued, as they couldn’t find it available for purchase at their local stores or online. I was told that it wasn’t discontinued, but that it was only “temporarily out of stock online at Home Depot”. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it available for purchase since then.

The original launch price was $399 for the 1-battery kit. Several months after its launch, I noted seeing it priced at $349 online. Some readers were able to get it for $199 was they were cleared out of some stores. I believe I saw it sell for $299 online.

Now, the bare tool miter saw will be launching at $379.

Why was the kit discontinued? My thoughts are that a) it didn’t sell strongly enough to justify its shelf space or another production run for online-only availability, or perhaps b) it wasn’t profitable enough.

Why does it make sense to release the bare tool now, as opposed to simply bringing the kit back?

Does this have to do with the new Ryobi cordless miter saw that is launching soon? With this Ridgid saw, there are now “good” and “better” options, and perhaps Milwaukee is positioned as the “best.”

All these things are interesting for me to consider, but let’s get back to the point – Ridgid’s coming out with a [new?] bare tool brushless motor cordless miter saw. As was true for the kit, the bare tool has decent specs and features.

While it might seem hard to be excited about what looks to be a re-release of an older model that has since been discontinued, especially one that boasts more cuts per charge than “a competitor’s saw,” there has been a lot of demand and interest for the kit.

A lot of readers and customers were upset to see the kit discontinued, and so I’d expect there to be strong interest in this new bare tool right out of the gate.

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