Best Product – The Better-than-Black Friday Bosch Cordless Drilling and Driving Deal Bundle for DIYers (11/21/19)

Bosch 18V DDB181 Cordless Drill Kit Deal

Over at Amazon, they have this Bosch DDB181 cordless drill kit priced on sale at $79. If you can spend more, I would draw your attention to their 18V brushed drill and impact driver special buy, which is currently $109 after coupon. But, this cordless drill’s $79 helps it stand out among all the other drill kits and special buys of the season.

For anyone looking to buy into a pro brand’s 18V cordless power system, I’d sooner recommend Dewalt, Makita, or Milwaukee. But for DIYers and other low-demand users looking for max bang for the buck, the Bosch DDB181 drill is a decent buy at his price.


Let’s put together a nice deal package for homeowners, DIYers, and hobbyists on a budget.

First, start off with the drill kit.

Buy Now: Drill Kit via Amazon

Bosch Custom Case System Small Case 24pc Starter Set

Next, add this Bosch screwdriver bit set to your order. It’s a 24pc set that’s on sale for $10 right now. This isn’t the widest selection of bits, but it’s a good starter set at a great price.

Buy Now: Bit Set via Amazon

Bosch 9pc Drill Bit Set

Next, you’ll need some drill bits. Bosch wouldn’t be my first, second, or third choice drill drill bits. Actually, I don’t even think they’re on my radar. But, this 9pc set looks to be reasonably affordable.

This set is priced at $14.67 as of the time of this posting.

Buy Now: Drill Bits via Amazon

Deal Math

Bosch drill kit: $79

Bosch impact-rated screwdriver bit set: $10

Bosch 9pc drill bit set: $14.67

Total: $103.65

At checkout, a $20 off $100+ promo goes into effect, knocking $20 off the price.

Total after discount: $83.65

Deal Discussion

This time of year, all the pro cordless power tool brands have $99 drill kits. Dewalt, for instance, has FOUR different options. Bosch doesn’t have a pony in the brushless drill kit for $99 race. But, this DDB181 kit, which was a special buy for $99 in previous years, is a reasonably good value at $79.

When Bosch first came out with the DDB181 drill 5 years ago, it was described as a super-compact drill. It remains one of the slenderest 18V cordless drills on the market, although there are shorter brushless drills out now.

The drill is fairly basic, but seems to have earned a solid reputation over the years.

I wonder why Bosch can’t compete with Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee at the $99 brushless drill kit level, but a $79 kit – and with two batteries – is a good strategic move. Plus, the drill kit is currently eligible for $20 off $100+ added savings.

I’m fond of Bosch’s impact-rated screwdriver bits, at least for general/everyday tasks, and the 24pc set is a good value at $10.

I wish I could recommend a different drill bit set to set the price over $100, but I haven’t had luck finding one.

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Maybe you, or whomever you might be buying tool gifts for, can use jig saw blades or other types of accessories. But if not, basic hex-shank drill bits might be better than no drill bits.

Everything put together for less than $84 seems like a great DIYer tool deal to me.

If you’re not happy with these suggestions, there are plenty of other tools eligible for $20 off $100+ savings that could build a good deal package.

Another Drill Option

Bosch GSR18V-190B22 18V Cordless Drill Kit Deal

There’s another $79 Bosch cordless drill kit option that’s also priced at $79 – GSR18V-190B22. This drill is said to be more powerful than the DDB181, torque-wise. I’ve tried and vetted the DDB181, but not this newer budget-priced option. While they’re both basic models, this newer one looks a little more cheaply designed to me.

Buy Now: Other Drill Kit via Amazon

Another Screwdriver & Drill Bit Set Option

Bosch Custom Case System 40pc Starter Set

In his comment, Vards suggests pairing this Bosch 40pc drilling and driving bit set with the drill. It’s currently priced at $20.72 and is eligible for the $20 off $100+ savings. You need another small item, such as a screwdriver bit box, to push your order over $100 to get the $20 discount.

Thank you Vards for the tip!

Buy Now: 40pc Bit Set via Amazon
Buy Now: Bit Box via Amazon