Best Product – The $30 Bosch Laser Distance Measuring Tool Deal of the Season (H2019)

Bosch GLM 20X Laser Distance Measuring Tool

I have posted about the Bosch GLM 20 laser distance measuring tool before, most recently in May when it went on sale before Father’s Day, and it’s worth a quick Holiday 2019 revisit.

Right now, you can buy this 65′ laser distance measuring tool for $30, via Amazon and a couple of other retailers.


A few years ago, the Bosch GLM 10 was a $30 special buy. The GLM 20 can measure to a greater range and also features a backlit LCD display, at the same $30 promo price point.

The GLM 20 has been on sale for $30 since at least early November, but it’s still a good deal.

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Features and Specs

  • 65 ft range
  • ± 1/8 in. accuracy
  • Backlit display
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
  • Weighs 0.2 lbs
  • 4″ long x 1.4″ wide x 0.9″ tall

The GLM 20 is a no-frills one-button laser distance measuring tool that pretty much anyone can use without hassle. Reading the manual will tell you about unit changes, but other than that, it’s easy to just pick up and use.

Bosch is sponsoring ToolGuyd for the next week, to share and talk about their new Blaze LDM (laser distance measurer) contest. (This post is not part of it.) The contest and our posts about it will be centered around a different model (GLM 50C, which I’ll be discussing separately), but I have a special soft spot for one-button models and wanted to post about the GLM 20 first (you’ll see why).

I’ve been a fan of Bosch laser distance measuring tools for years, and I think it was the GLM 15 (which preceded the GLM 10 and GLM 20) that really “wowed” me. The GLM 20 is better in a couple of ways, and more affordable.

If you KNOW you need a laser distance measuring tool, and are interested in more functionality and calculations, that’s where models like the GLM 50C come in (check price via Amazon). More featured tools like that are a bigger investment.

If you’re curious about laser distance measuring tools but aren’t certain if or how they can work for you, that’s where the GLM 20 comes in. It’s a good tool, reliable too, but its price is low enough that you don’t have to feel bad if it lives in your tool box or kitchen cabinet most of the time.

I’ve seen some rather ridiculous tape measure wrangling over the years, from realtors, DIYers, and contractors. In quite a few of those instances, a laser distance measuring tool would have been a quicker and better means of taking a measurement.

It’s awkward for me to put it bluntly, since 1) ToolGuyd earns affiliate commissions from purchases made through the following links, and 2) Bosch is sponsoring us to promote an unrelated LDM contest, but here goes:

If you have never used a laser distance measuring tool before but think you could benefit from one, or you’re looking for a compact and simple LDM to complement a larger and more featured model, the Bosch GLM 20 is the one to buy. Just buy one and give it a try. I love mine!

Sure, you can go smaller and cheaper, but with compromises and sacrifices. You can also step up to more features and functions if you want more from an LDM than simple point to point measurements.

Price: $30

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If you are already using laser distance measuring tools, do you find them useful? What do you think of the one-button Bosch GLM 20?