Best Product – Tekton Reversible Ratcheting Wrenches have been Discontinued

Tekton Reversible Ratcheting Wrench Set

A reader recently wrote in, asking for reversible ratcheting wrench recommendations, and they also expressed concern that Tekton seems to have discontinued all of theirs.

Tekton Reversible Ratcheting Wrench


Reversible ratcheting wrenches typically feature a 15° offset box end and lever for reversing the ratcheting direction. More basic ratcheting wrenches lack the offset and direction selection lever and instead must be flipped over should you need to reverse the working and ratcheting directions.

I tend to prefer reversible ratcheting wrenches, partly because of the offset-angled box end, but also because it’s more convenient to reverse the ratcheting action with a flip of a lever. There are also rare circumstances where a non-reversible ratchet can back out and become trapped in tight spaces.

We reached out to Tekton, and they confirmed that they did discontinue their reversible ratcheting wrenches.

This development does not reflect anything about the products themselves, or the popularity of reversible ratcheting wrenches. Tekton encountered issues with their supply chain, and this has affected their ability to continue offering these tools. Tekton does not have any plans to replace these tools with new products at this time.

There are of course other brands that still offer reversible ratcheting wrenches, but this is still disappointing news for anyone looking to start or expand a mechanics tool kit with Tekton offerings.

It looks like the supply and production issues are affecting all of Tekton’s reversible ratcheting wrenches. At this time, Amazon still has listings for Tekton’s 6pt reversible ratcheting wrench sets, stubby wrenches, and open stock sizes.

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