Best Product – TEC Accessories BOT-L-BIT Bottle Opener Hex Bit

TEC Accessories Bottle Opener Hex Bit

TEC Accessories is a specialty brand that makes EDC (everyday carry) keychains, accessories, and other such random utility and everyday convenience products.

I was browsing their site the other day when I came across the BOT-L-BIT, a 1/4″ hex bit bottle opener.


Basically, it turns any screwdriver bit holder into a bottle opener. It stores away with your regular 1/4″ bits, and so it doesn’t take up a lot of extra space in your pocket, pouch, drawer, tool bag, or junk drawer. Assuming you have some screwdriver bits and a bit driver near where you’d normally pop open crown cork-capped bottle.

(I had to look that up, discovering for the first time that those pryable metal caps are called crown corks.)

Part of me wanted to order one of these ASAP, the other part of me wonders if the $6 is better spent on a keychain bottle opener, or a novelty screwdriver-handled one.

TEC Accessories Bottle Opener Hex Bit Opening Paint Can

But it’s not just useful as a bottle opener. TEC shows that it can be used as a scraper, paint can lid opener, and package opener.

Its appeal increases a bit when you consider that it has other multi-functional purposes, aside from just being the prying part of a full bottle opener.

Price: $6 + Shipping

Buy Now(via TEC Accessories)

This is one of those things I’d keep on my wishlist until I was placing a larger order from TEC Accessories or one of their distributors. Otherwise it’s not worth paying shipping fees for.

If you’re looking for a nice compact screwdriver bit holder, I really like these Wera ones. Unfortunately, they’ve shot up in price in recent years – $20 on Amazon.