Best Product – Stanley FatMax 25-foot Tape Measure 2-Pack

Stanley FatMax FMHT74038A 25-foot tape measure 2-pack

I am not at all surprised to see this Stanley FatMax 25′ tape measure 2-pack on sale again this holiday season. However, I am surprised to see it on Amazon. It’s typically been a brick and mortar deal, not that I’m complaining.

For $20, you get 2 FatMax 25′ tape measures that are made in the USA with global materials.


I like these tapes, and bought at least one promo pack during a previous holiday season. Maybe I bought two of them? I don’t remember, but I definitely bought one 2-pack.

If you buy these, don’t forget to check both tapes. At the time I purchased a 2-pack, I grabbed one for immediate use, and put the other away. I pulled that second tape into active use, and the first time I tried to use it, the blade slipped a little, presumably due to a factory defect of some kind.

I wasn’t too happy about that, but it’s easy to forgive what I’d chalk up as a random defect. Since then, I tried a couple of these tape measures in-store where they were on display, and have yet to find the same kind if lousy blade lock defect.

There are a lot of tape measure deals this time of year. For instance, there’s a 2-pack of Dewalt tapes for $15, and also a Milwaukee premium 25′ tape measure 2-pack for $25. There might be another deal even during Home Depot’s Pro Black Friday sale.

If too many of my spare 25′ tape measures hadn’t turned up recently, I’d be all over this deal again. But if I do buy this 2-pack of Stanley FatMax tape measures again, I’d try them both by extending and locking the blade, before throwing away the packaging.

Price: $20 for 2

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Update: There was a somewhat similar deal back in May. With that deal, it was buy one get one free. This current deal seems to be the same 2-pack that typically pops up at Home Depot and maybe also Lowes.