Best Product – Special Buy: Milwaukee Fastback Utility Knife Bundle

MIlwaukee Fastback Knife Black Friday 2017 Deal Bundle

Over at Home Depot, they have one of the best Milwaukee Fastback utility knife “Special Buy” bundles that I ever recall seeing.

This bundle comes with 2 knives and a blade pack.


Milwaukee Fastback utility knife. This looks to be their non-blade-storage model, which is still one of my favorites due to its size, convenience, and durability. It retails for $10 at Home Depot.

Milwaukee Compact Fastback utility knife. This version is smaller, with no cutting hook or built-in blade storage. It retails for $9 at Acme Tools and at Home Depot.

Milwaukee 50-count general purpose blades with dispenser. Our friends over at Tool Nut have this blade pack for $12. These are standard blades, made in the USA.

So that’s $31 worth of knives and blades. The bundle is on sale for $15 as a “Special Buy.”

Milwaukee runs promos on Fastback knives a couple of times each year. I’d expect to see the two utility knives bundled together for $15. Or either of the knives plus the 50-count blade pack. But all three? That makes this an extremely appealing deal.

I have too many utility knives, some of which I haven’t misplaced yet. But I’ll likely be buying this pack during my next trip to HD.

And as mentioned in my How do you dispose of dull utility knife blades post, I recently bought a 50-pack of excellent Dewalt carbide utility knife blades that’s still very full.

I think I see what’s going on here. Home Depot and Milwaukee thought they could put together a Fastback bundle so good that everyone would visit their local store or to buy one. Fastback users would buy more of their favorite knives, and non-Fastback users would give the brand a try. Well, good try, it’s going to work.

Price: $14.88, eligible for free shipping on $45+ orders, in-store pickup, and in-store purchases

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