Best Product – Select Hart Hand Tools are Super Cheap Right Now at Walmart (2/2021)

I’m not sure what’s going on with Hart Tools at Walmart, but they “rolled back” the prices on a few hand tools, and some of the new discounts caught my attention.

Delivery is not available on any of these tools, only store pickup.

Is Walmart clearing out select SKUs? Why? Maybe this is just a seasonal refresh? I checked a local Walmart store at the start of the holiday season, and didn’t see much in the way of promotional Hart Tool displays.


Regardless as to the *why*, maybe some of these Hart Tool deals will strike your fancy.

Hart Locking Pliers

First up, this Hart 6″ automatic locking pliers is on sale for just $7.

This looks a lot like the CH Hanson Automatic locking pliers that I tested 10 years ago. I’m not a big fan of automatic-adjusting locking pliers for all things, but they’re convenient for some tasks.

$7 is a very good price if these are built to similar standards as the CH Hanson and Lockjaw pliers.

In comparison, Armor Tool’s 6-inch automatic locking pliers are $20 via Amazon.

Buy Now via Walmart
Compare: Armor Tool via Amazon

Hart Adjustable Wrench

This Hart folding utility knife is priced at $4, down from $8.

No matter your brand loyalties, you’ve got to admit – this is a good price. But is it a good knife? I’ll let you be the guinea pig.

Buy Now via Walmart
Compare: Milwaukee FastBack via Home Depot


Hart Pliers Set

This Hart 2pc pliers set is discounted to $5.

It comes with 6″ long nose pliers and 8″ slip joint pliers.

This would have been great for my first set of pliers. If I remember correctly, I bought a Stanley 3pc pliers set for $10.

Cheap pliers are better than no pliers. I still keep some cheapies available for back-up, lending out, or highly abusive tasks where I wouldn’t want to destroy the jaws or finish on my better pliers.

Buy Now via Walmart

Upgrade Option: Channellock 4pc Set via Amazon

Hart Stubby Screwdriver Set

Finally, this Hart 2pc stubby screwdriver set has been discounted to just $2.

Look – if you’re going to Walmart for any reason, why not pick up some stubby screwdrivers for cheap? Unless of course you already have good stubby screwdrivers.

If these were available for shipping, I’d have ordered a pair, partly to keep around the house, partly for my kids to use.

If you’ve never purchased stubby screwdrivers because you don’t think you could use them – I was in this boat too – $2 is very little to risk, and you might even like the style.

Buy Now via Walmart

Upgrade Option: Klein Multi-Bit Stubby via Amazon