Best Product – Schmitz Made-in-Germany Mini Pliers and Snips

Schmitz Long Nose Mini Pliers

Have you ever heard of Schmitz hand tools before? They make mini-pliers and cutters for precision and electronics applications.

I’m not familiar with the brand, but sponsored posts on Amazon drew my attention to them. The tools are made in Germany and feature box joints, hard high-alloy carbon steel cutting edges, and ESD-safe dual-compound handle grips.


Schmitz Mini Flush Cutters ESD Safe

The tools, at least the ones that look that this that I had been looking at, have a high gloss polished surface, to avoid chrome flaking that could cause damage to circuits and components.

The Schmitz pliers and cutters are pricey, but not any more so than the USA-made Tronex precision pliers we reviewed here. Other premium brands of pliers and cutters include Erem and Lindstrom, whose tools are also around the same price.

I have not tried any of Schmitz’ product offerings yet, but could be convinced to do so if there’s a lot of interest. But with prices starting at $40 and up, I anticipate that anyone looking to buy new premium precision pliers or cutters will likely want to buy a size or two to try for themselves. Still, I learn about a new brand, so you learn about a new brand.

If you’ve used these tools before, or other Schmitz tools, please let us know what you think!

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If you have the need for premium-priced miniature pliers or precision cutters, which brand would you go for?