Best Product – Save on This Stanley Tool Set, Today Only (10/26/2017)

Stanley 65pc Homeowners Tool Kit

I’ve been receiving emails from a magazine, and they’ve started going over the top with their posts about Amazon tool deals, urging their audience to buy anything and everything.

Everything is an amazing deal, everything is a great buy, every tool will transform your projects. You get the idea.


As you should be aware, Amazon is one of many retailer affiliates we (and other) websites partner with. If you buy something at their site after clicking through a specially tagged link here, you pay nothing more, and we earn a small fee for referring the sale.

I follow some strict guidelines about how and when to link out, and always try to tread carefully.

I’m a little overworked and very sleep-deprived, and somehow convinced myself that it might be fun to try to see if I can BS you. So, what follows is how a deal post might look if I wasn’t me, and didn’t have very strict practices and controls about how affiliate links are used.

Here goes:

Today only, Amazon is offering a 65-piece homeowner’s tool kit, for the low price of $28. Its “was” price is listed at over $38, making this an incredibly good deal.

The set comes with a selection of great quality Stanley tools that’ll help you tackle any task around the house. There are pliers, screwdrivers, hex keys, a small level – perfect for most jobs – a hammer, tape measure, utility knife, bit selection, and you even get a ratchet and some sockets.

Why spend more for tools you don’t need? This set is perfect!

You’d better hurry, this is a limited time deal. It’s also never too early to start holiday shopping!

You don’t consider yourself handy? Maybe you just need more tools!

What are you waiting for? Buy it now!

And check out all the 5-star reviews!

Sale Price: $28

Buy Now(via Amazon)

Deal ends at 3am ET 10/27/2017, unless supplies sell out sooner.

Real Assessment

I do like Stanley tools – they offer decent quality at entry-level prices, and some of their offerings are exceptionally good.

This looks like an okay homeowners tool set, but it’s also missing too much. I’d maybe recommend it to college students or homeowners who really have no other tools and no idea about what they might need.

There’s no adjustable wrench. While a ratchet and sockets might be useful, an adjustable wrench might be more so, for basic homeowner tasks.

The price isn’t bad, but I could probably spend the same $28 a little more wisely next month when the holiday shopping season deals and special buys arrive.

It seems like a good deal. There will likely be another $10 off $50+ select Stanley tool purchases during the holiday season, which will allow for better customization.

This is something I’d buy to keep in the garage for anyone that came looking to borrow my tools. You don’t use my screwdrivers as chisels or pry bars, at least not the ones which aren’t overbuilt and intended for such misuse, any more than you should use my butter knives as pry bars. Thanks for bending my knife, James.

That’s why it was worth mentioning, but I didn’t think it was worth its own post. But also, magazines have been more aggressive in pushing affiliate links and way too encouraging on deals like this. So I figured I’d have some fun with it.

I’m also curious. How many of you are interested in tools like this? Not necessarily the deals, but in entry-level tools.

I have never limited what I’m interested in posting about. While it’s rare for me to look at entry-level tools with personal interest, there are times when it happens, such as right now as I consider whether or not I could use something like this as a garage loaner kit. I don’t want to spend a lot on tools that I would only buy to avoid saying NO to someone really in need, and without risking ruin to my personal tools.

Oh, and I also learned that it’s incredibly difficult for me to BS about this set. I guess 9 years of self control and policies will do that.

Also, how would you over-sell this set? I suppose it’s good that I find it so difficult to do.