Best Product – Ryobi Launches New 18V Cordless Sliding Miter Saw, PBT01B

Ryobi PBT01B Cordless Miter Saw

Ryobi has announced that they’re coming out with a new 18V 7-1/4″ cordless sliding miter saw, model PBT01B.

In my opinion, this looks a lot like the Ryobi 18V dual-battery One+One cordless miter saw that Benjamen reviewed here. That model, a sliding 10″ miter saw, seems to have been discontinued.


Ryobi says that their new PBT01B cordless miter saw delivers best in class cross-cut, up to a nominal 2″ x 10″. They also boast about the saw’s portable and lightweight design.

Features & Specifications

  • 7-1/4″ blade size
  • 3,600 RPM (no load)
  • 2″ x 10″ max nominal lumber cut capacity at 90°
  • 2″ x 6″ max nominal lumber cut capacity at 45°
  • 0° – 45° bevel angle
  • 47° max miter angle, left and right
  • 1-1/4″ dust port
  • Up to 500 cuts per charge with a P194 9.0Ah battery
  • Includes 40T blade, dust bag, work clamp
  • Battery and chargers are sold separately

Parts of Ryobi’s product description references the TSS702 miter saw, their corded 7-1/4″ model of similar design. Compared to the corded saw, the PBT01B cordless miter saw has a slower motor speed (3,600 vs. 5,350 RPM).

Ryobi PBT01B Cordless Miter Saw Cutting Wood Board

Is this Ryobi’s first cordless sliding 7-1/4″ miter saw? I’ve been trying to find details about past models, and the only saw that come up are their cordless sliding 10″ miter saw, non-sliding 7-1/4″ cordless miter saws, and corded miter saws.

Home Depot’s listing suggests that some of the specs were taken from Ryobi’s corded version of this saw, with a specified weight of 25 lbs. Even if that’s for the corded saw, this new cordless saw should weigh about the same.

Ryobi says:

This saw boasts a heavy duty 10 Amp motor that delivers up to 3,600 RPM for the power to make difficult cuts or a variety of small cuts in wood. Not only is this saw powerful, it’s extremely portable: Carry it anywhere and cut what you need without the hassle of a cord or trying to find an electrical outlet.

So, about that “best in class 2×10 cross-cut capacity”… Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel 7-1/4″ dual bevel sliding miter saw has a maximum cross-cutting capacity of 2×8 at 90°. Dewalt’s 20V Max 7-1/4″ cordless sliding miter saw has a similar cut capacity.

For Ryobi’s new cordless miter saw to give you a little bit of extra cutting capacity, that could be a benefit. But, it will also increase the sliding range of the miter and size of the tool. That could be a downside, depending on your particular needs and preferences.

The saw has nice touches, such as the integrated side handles for easier portability. I’ve seen similar features on other new model miter saws, and have been told that it’s part of new regulatory changes that went into effect recently. In other words, expect to see similar on new cordless miter saws going forward.

Unlike the corded version of this saw, this new cordless model does not look to have a top handle.

The saw does not seem to have a brushless motor, and perhaps this was a cost consideration. Ryobi says it can make up to 500 cuts with a 9Ah battery, but they don’t provide any details beyond that.

Overall, the new Ryobi PBT01B cordless miter saw looks to be a reasonably balanced model. You don’t get cutting-edge motor tech or performance, but you do get a a little extra in the form of cutting capacity compared to the other cordless 7-1/4” sliding miter saws we checked

Price: $199 for the bare tool

Coming Soon to Home Depot
Compare: Dewalt 20V Max Miter Saw

Ryobi announced their new cordless miter saw directly on social media, and have not yet provided any press details or information.

There could be other notable features or interesting aspects about the new cordless miter saw that we didn’t pick up on. If you come across any such information, please let us know!