Best Product – Recall: Werner Aluminum Multi-Functional Ladders

Werner Aluminum Multi-Functional Ladder

Earlier this year, Werner recalled 5 models of aluminum multi-functional ladders, model MT-IAA. Affected sizes range from MT-IAA-13A to MT-IAA-26A.

The ladders were voluntarily recalled due to a fall hazard. There was one injury reported, after the ladder failed during use.


Look for the date code, which can be found on the inside of one outer leg, towards the bottom. If it says 121744XX or 011844XX, your ladder is included in the recall, and should be returned for a refund.

Affected models were sold between April and May 2018, at Home Depot and Lowes stores. There are 5 models included in the recall, in 13′, 17′, 22′, and two 26′ sizes.

More Info(via CPSC)

I recently bought one of these ladders, about two weeks ago, MT-IAA-22A, and it has a 061844 date code. If you buy one soon (it’s on sale for the holidays), be sure to check the date code.