Best Product – Rate This Tool Deal: Milwaukee 8pc Screwdriver Set Special Buy for $20

Milwaukee Tool 8pc Screwdriver Set Black Friday 2018 Special Buy

Milwaukee’s 8pc screwdriver set “special buy” is back again this year, in Home Depot’s 2019 holiday gift center. Last year I called it a good buy, although its sale price isn’t too far off from its everyday price.

I’m sure more of you have tried these screwdrivers since last year. So, let’s discuss.


First, let’s see what you get:

Screwdriver Sizes

  • Phillips #1 x 3″
  • Phillips #2 x 4″
  • Phillips #2 x 6″
  • Slotted 1/4″ x 4″
  • Slotted 3/16″ x 6″
  • Slotted 5/16″ x 6″
  • Square #1
  • Square #2

These are all sized for common construction fastener, and is about what I would expect from a set like this. The screwdrivers have tri-lobe handles and magnetic tips.

There is some sizing redundancy, since the set comes with two Phillips #2 drivers of different lengths. However, you’ll eventually be glad to have both. A 4″ shaft is common for everyday tasks and applications, but there will be tasks where you need longer reach.

Sure, value-wise you can get a basic multi-bit screwdriver for less, but individually-sized screwdriver are often going to have more proportionate and comfortable handles or better fastener accessibility. Try reaching into a recess with your average multi-bit screwdriver to see what I mean.

8 screwdrivers for $20 comes down to $2.50 per driver, which isn’t bad for comfort-grip screwdrivers. Sure, you could go lower – Harbor Freight’s Quinn screwdriver 2-pack is $3.49. But in the context of mid-tiered brands? 8 Milwaukee screwdrivers for $20 is a good bargain.

For everyday screwdrivers you might need to abuse, this is a good deal.

Step up to some of our favorite screwdrivers, such as Wera Kraftform with Lasertip (which are currently on sale), and the price per screwdrivers goes above $4.50 each.

Premium screwdrivers are priced even higher, at around $8 to $12 each. Snap-on screwdrivers of similar sizing start at maybe $22 each.

I have screwdrivers I like better than these Milwaukee’s, and also ones I’d sooner abuse, destroy, and discard if need be.

This year I don’t quite think this set deserves a “deal post,” but it seems like an interesting “special buy” to ask for your opinions on.

So, do you think this is a good deal, or at least a good bargain? What alternate brands or sets would you recommend to someone looking to spend $20 on some screwdrivers?

Price: $19.88

Buy Now via Home Depot

There a slightly different 8pc set, 48-22-2708, which swap this set’s square-style screwdrivers for ECX #1 and #2 drivers.

Compare(Alternate Set via Acme Tools)