Best Product – Pelican 1810 LED Keychain Flashlight

Pelican 1810 Keychain LED Flashlight

I recently ordered a Pelican Progear 1810 LED keychain flashlight from Amazon. I didn’t have any specific reasoning for it, but hey, I like to try things out.

It features twist-activation tail cap, and is water resistant to IPX4 standards.


The flashlight is powered by coin cell batteries – LR 41. I knew this before I placed the order, but when it arrived I was a little surprised.

Pelican 1810 Keychain LED Flashlight with Keys for Scale

This Pelican light is so small it’s a choking hazard. Not that it’ll be kept anywhere near my kids, but whoa. It’s small, measuring just 1.5″ long.

It has a 16 lumen emitter, and runtime is said to be 8.5 hrs per set of batteries.

Since it runs off of coin cell batteries, it’s probably not going to be your everyday light, but it should work well as a “darn, I need to light something up and don’t have a flashlight on me” flashlight. Or is that what cell phone flashes in flashlight mode are for?

It’s a cute little thing, and I’m happy with my purchase.

The flashlight is available in several colors: blue. silver, black, green, red, and gold.

I do have one complaint. The light has a very strong blue tint to it. I can’t see how it could be connected to the blue of the reflector and flashlight housing, so it must be inherent to the LED emitter.

LR41 batteries are easy to find – I bought mine from Amazon (currently ~$5 for 10).

Price: ~$8.50 to $11

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If you want a more usable keychain-sized flashlight, the Fenix E01 is larger and runs off a single AAA battery, but isn’t quite as bright.

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