Best Product – PB Swiss Tools BitBlock – a Fantastic Screwdriver Bit Holder

PB Swiss Bit Block

I have been searching for the perfect 1″ 1/4″ hex screwdriver bit storage solution for a long time. These PB Swiss Tools BitBlocks are the closest to what I would consider the ideal bit storage holders.

These BitBlocks are sturdier than the cheap vinyl ones, and more portable than large organizers, such as the FreeZone organizer panel I posted about previously.


BitBlocks are a great size for the toolbox, pocket, or pouch. Each BitBlock holds up to 10 bits, and there’s also a BitBox that can hold up to 5 filled BitBlocks.

PB Swiss Bit Block Loaded with Bits

You can fit any 1/4″ shank bits, although nut drivers and bit holders can affect what you can fit in adjacent spaces.

This one is populated with a couple of 1″ bits, a Wera Rapidaptor bit holder, and two 2″ power bits.

PB Swiss Bit Block Removing Bit

Bits are easy to slide in, but it can be a challenge to grip them enough to pull them out the same way. But, since BitBlocks aren’t fully enclosed, they allow for bits to be popped out sideways.

Hopefully you can now see why I like these so much. This is the best portable bit organizer I’ve ever used.

They’re priced between $3 and $4 each. I bought two from Tool Lady, and might get a couple more from Count On Tools during their upcoming 25% off Black Friday sale. They’re not super-cheap, but they’re not very expensive either. They’re leaps and bounds better than the other small bit holders I’ve used, so to me they’re worth the expense.

Have you used or seen bit holders that could be even better than these? Please discuss in comments!