Best Product – Outdoor Edge Slidewinder is a Small EDC Utility Knife Multi-Tool

Outdoor Edge Slidewinder Utility Knife

The Outdoor Edge Slidewinder utility knife is compact and also features a couple of other tool components. In addition to the retractable utility knife blade, it has a small flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a bottle opener, and a pocket clip.

The Slidewinder knife is said to work with standard utility knife blades, which can be changed out with “the push of a button.”


It’s built from stainless steel and glass-nylon composite, and is available in blue, orange, and black colors.

Price: $11

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I first learned about Outdoor Edge when coming across a replaceable blade knife, and from there I learned about some of their other products, such as the Slidewinder utility knife.

At the surface, this looks like a neat idea. It’s a compact utility knife that features a couple of other handy built-in tools. What’s not to like?

Well, the user reviews are mixed, and that has kept me from posting about it. Some user reviews complain about blade compatibility, and others complain about quality. But other reviewers call it almost perfect or say that they’re very happy with the knife. A number of user reviews say that it works great with the included blade, but doesn’t properly fit Stanley or Irwin utility knife blades, which are said to be a little thicker.

An April 2019 user review said that they didn’t experience any difficulty in using a Lenox blade, and theorizes that the manufacturer has made some recent changes.

In my opinion, the design is decent, but all of the negative user reviews make it somewhat of a risky purchase. Many users say it works well with the included blade. But what’s the point of a utility knife if you encounter difficulties changing the blade?

Personally, I like the design, but this isn’t something I’d be likely to buy myself. But, it seems interesting enough to post about.

Have you used this knife before? Or maybe you’ve used something similar that you can recommend?