Best Product – Olight S1R Baton II LED Flashlight is Perfect for EDC!

Olight SR1 Baton LED Flashlight Purple Special Edition

I am happy to report that you guys were totally right, Olight LED flashlights are freakin’ awesome.

Olight sent me an S1R Baton II LED flashlight ahead of their flash sale, and I have been finding it to be nicely sized for EDC and pocket carry.


It delivers a max output of 1000 lumens, is drop-tested to 1.5 meters (~4.92 feet), and is waterproof to IPX8 standards.

The Olight SR1 Baton II LED flashlight is powered by a customized 550 mAh RCR123A IMR16340 Li-ion battery. If you need a spare or replacement, they’re available from Olight and dealers for $5.50.

We asked you guys about LED flashlights recently, and there were quite a few recommendations for Olight.

I have an Olight AAA LED flashlight, and it’s decent. I know I should have jumped on the rechargeable LED flashlight train sooner, but I’ve had hesitations. Do I need a rechargeable light? Will I have to go through all kinds of hassles matching a battery to a light? What kind of charger do I need to get?

I’m almost embarrassed that I had all these worries, but I have a list of models I wanted to follow up on, and quite a few rechargeable flashlights still require users to source a battery and charger separately. Trying to figure all that out was something I meant to do, eventually.

Olight sent over two of their S1R Baton II LED flashlights – one in purple and one in black. I haven’t had a chance to test them enough for a full review, but from what I’ve seen so far, they are sweeeet. I’ve been using the purple for a couple of days, and I’m impressed.

Olight SR1 Baton LED Flashlight Size

First of all, it’s so small – but manageable. It’s far brighter than any flashlight I have in this size. In the above image, the AA battery is only for scale.

I really like the color too, partly because it’s different, but mainly because it stands out easily, allowing for quick retrieval with minimal hunting around.

I’ve been using it most on the medium brightness mode. The highest brightness mode is quite bright, but the emitter does get a little hot. The lower brightness mode seems convenient for just-in-case circumstances where you’re low on battery charge.

There’s a side switch that toggles power and mode selection, and it’s easy to use.

The rear of the flashlight has a magnetic charging port – and it’s a magnetic base strong enough to support the light hands-free.

The light came with a magnetic USB charging cable. I plugged it into a USB charger, and it effortlessly connected to the flashlight. I was able to monitor the charge status from a distance – it was red when charging and green when done.

So far, the Olight S1R II seems to be very well-made. The reflector is nicely shaped and throws a wide illuminating beam with large hot spot.

Overall, I am very excited to be able to play around with these lights, which seem perfectly sized and featured for EDC.

I spent some time trying to capture the color of the flashlight in photos, but I don’t think I did it justice. There appears to be marks on the flashlight, but that’s just some dust.

The purple special edition has launched in time for this flash sale, and is said to have a MAP price of $70. The ordinary black-colored edition is normally $65.

Here’s what you get:

  • Flashlight
  • Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Pouch
  • Battery Case
  • Lanyard

You’ll need to supply a USB port, wall adapter, or other such power source. I used an $8 multi-port USB charger without trouble.

If you don’t mind the color (I actually really like it!), you save quite a bit of money with this flash deal.

Sale Price: $48.97 for the kit
Regular Price: $65-$70

Buy Now via Olight

$48.97 is conveniently the free shipping threshold.

Olight S1R II and i1R LED Flashlight Bundle

Olight also has an S1R II purple bundle where you get that flashlight and an additional mini keychain-sized rechargeable flashlight, i1R 2, for $52.74.

Sale Price: $52.74 for the bundle

Buy Now: Bundle via Olight
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5/29/20 Flash Sale Details

There’s a limit of (2) bundles per person.

A reader wrote in a tip about the i1R back in March. Thank you Jim, and I’m sorry for not looking into this model sooner! Jim wrote:

Every once in a while you do articles on EDC devices. My new all time favorite EDC flashlight (for this month) is the Olight “i1r”. It’s tiny, rechargeable via a built-in hidden microUSB port, and has two brightness settings. It’s great for when you need some discreet or something brighter than a cell phone.

I would have recommended saving the ~$4 and skipping on the bundle, but Jim’s endorsement has me thinking that $4 is little risk to give it a try. The i1R 2 typically sells for $15.

And… that’s not all!

  • Login and add a free 2-pack of bandannas
  • Spend over $99 and get a i3UV flashlight for free (MAP $14.95)
  • Spend over $199 and get a free S1R II Black (MAP $64.95)
  • Spend over $259 get Perun BK (MAP $84.95)


After many of you recommended Olight, I took a more thorough look at their product line and my interest skyrocketed. Was I silly for being so hesitant about Li-ion flashlights? It turns out that ToolGuyd received an invite to their affiliate program back in March. I recently responded, and they told me about their upcoming flash sale and sent over an S1R II for review.

This little purple LED flashlight has shaken up what I thought I wanted in an EDC flashlight. Thank you to everyone who recommended Olight, for setting me on this journey!

It’s hard to tone down my enthusiasm, but I want to make it clear that 1) the sample shown above was provided to us for review, and 2) if you make any purchases through the links above, or this one right here, we’ll earn affiliate commission revenue.

Deals end at 11:59pm ET 5/29/20, unless supplies sell out sooner.