Best Product – Olight Black Friday 2020: EDC Flashlight Deals

Olight Flashlight Sale Black Friday 2020

Here’s a look at Olight’s Black Friday 2020 LED flashlight deals.

I have purchased a couple of Olight flashlights this year, and received a couple of review samples from them as well. So far, I have been quite pleased with the user experience.


I would absolutely buy more Olight LED flashlights. They’re bright, their control interfaces are thoughtful and easy to use, and the built-in magnetic charging eliminates the “which battery and charger do I need” game I struggled with earlier in the year when buying a whole lot of rechargeable flashlights for review.

Of all the Olight flashlights that will be on sale for Black Friday 2020, I think that Warrior Mini is going to be the hottest EDC seller. It’s small enough for compact carry, and I have found my previous review sample to be extremely useful and convenient.

The i5T EOS with camouflage color scheme looks visually appealing to me, and that size flashlight is very convenient, powered by a single AA-sized cell (I use NiMH with lithium as a second choice – no more alkaline for me!).

Olight sent over a Perun headlamp sample, and I’m actually excited to try it out. I have been using the smaller size for everything but headlamp use, and this larger one might be a better fit for handheld use and stationary placement.

The Olight Black Friday 2020 flash sale will start 11/25/2020 at 8pm ET, and end at 11/30/2020 at 11:59pm ET. Supplies will be limited.

Olight Black Friday Deal Page

Olight Warrior Mini Black Friday 2020

The star of the show will be new limited edition Warrior Mini flashlights, 4 with different anodized titanium color options, and one made from copper.

Olight Black Friday 2020 EDC Warrior Mini Flashlights

The Warrior Mini is said to be an “everyday carry defensive” LED flashlight option, but I’ve been using it as a daily-use type of light. I had to put some boxes in the attic, and instead of digging out a headlamp, work lamp, or similar, this is the light I reached for.

You get everyday use brightness level adjustments and user controls from the side button, and max output with the momentary tailcap button.

It’s powered by a customized 18650 Li-ion battery, and charges via the magnetic tailcap with the included charger.

The price will be $84 for the titanium Warrior Mini, or $70 for copper.

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Olight Black Friday 2020 EDC Perun Flashlight Headlamp

The Olight Perun 2 is said to be an upgraded version of the Perun. Olight says that the Perun 2 delivers more powerful and reliable illumination.

A quick look shows that the Perun 2 is indeed brighter, with 2500 lumen max brightness, and it is powered by a 4000 mAh 21700-sized Li-ion battery.

The headlamp comes with a head strap and also a pocket clip.

The Perun 2 will be $70 for the headlamp in orange, or $63 in black. There will also be a bundle that includes i3T 1x AAA flashlight with desert tan finish for $73.14 with the orange headlamp or $67.14 with the black.

The orange version of the Perun 2 is a special edition.

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Olight Black Friday 2020 EDC Flashlight Camo

There will also be a special i5T EOS with camouflage color scheme. As someone who has grown fed up with black-anodized pocket flashlights, this one looks pretty snazzy.

Even if you don’t love the color scheme, this promo will beat the regular black-bodied Olight i5T on price, as that one is currently $30 via retailers. This camo version is currently set to be priced at $26.36 from Olight for Black Friday. It’ll be available starting 11/25 at 8pm, along with the rest of the specials.

I asked Olight, and they said that once this sells out, they won’t make/sell any more.

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Olight Black Friday 2020 Free EDC Flashlight Tiers

Of course there will be some freebie flashlights. Spend over a certain amount, and you’ll get a free flashlight. These don’t stack – you get one freebie per order depending on what your order amount is.

The freebie is automatically added to your cart.

Olight Black Friday 2020 Free EDC Keychain Flashlight Offer

And, you get a FREE mini keychain LED flashlight with your order, just by registering or logging in.

Share via Facebook and you get a $5 credit.

Invite friends via email, and you get extra credits at $5 per each friend that successfully registers.

I would advise you to register for a user account before Black Friday – that’ll be one less thing to worry about when their servers are being hit hard by customer traffic.

Freebie Flashlight Details

Free shipping on $49+ orders.

Should You Buy Anything?

Well, do you want an upgraded LED flashlight?

Rechargeable LED flashlights and higher powered alkaline-sized flashlights are pricey, and there’s no getting around that. I feel that Olight’s flashlights are reasonably priced for what you get and compared to other brands.

Olight is not the only game in town, as there are other brands that have great quality LED flashlights as well.

I have come to really like Olight’s features, specs, and build quality. What makes them special, aside from the designs and limited edition color schemes, is the magnetic tail cap charging, which I have found to be extremely convenient.

Anyone can operate and charge these flashlights with minimal hassle, and this is something I cannot say about some of the other brands of LED flashlights I have purchased in the past year.

Personally, I think that the Warrior Mini, Perun 2, and i5T will be of the most interest to ToolGuyd readers. There are also some very high powered flashlights and weapon lights included in this deal.

The Olight Store is Olight’s official USA store, and so you’re buying from them direct. That’s how they can offer such aggressive introductory pricing and special edition promo pricing, and also how they can include free flashlight tiers on top of all that.

Olight Black Friday Deal Page

Sale starts 8pm ET 11/25/2020

According to the latest newsletter, VIP customers with silver and above points levels, will have early access to the sale, starting 11/20/2020.