Best Product – OLFA Knife First Impressions, and a Second Chance Giveaway

Olfa LA-X Snap Blade Knife

I have been working on testing OLFA’s LA-X 18mm snap blade utility knife, as well as the smaller 9mm and larger 25mm sizes.

So far, I am pretty impressed. I am still making progress on the systematic testing, but I have been using the OLFA knives more organically than I had anticipated.


(As a reminder, OLFA is sponsoring our systematic testing of their knives, and an OLFA knife-involved and inspired project.)

When cutting certain materials, a dull blade can tear or rip, rather than cut. With OLFA’s snap blade knife, I am less resistant to snapping off a dull blade section than I am to flip or change out a standard utility blade knife.

When I need a perfect cut, I snap off the dull blade section, even if it’s not as completely dull as I normally work blades to, and get to work with a fresh razor-sharp cutting edge.

My recent experiences have convinced me to find a dedicated spot for an OLFA knife on my workbench and in my tool box. I won’t be getting rid of my utility knives just yet, but have found myself using the OLFA knives more often on materials and applications where cut quality is very important.

The LA-X is an 18mm fiberglass-reinforced auto-locking design, with anti-slip rubber-gripped and acetone-resistant handle. There’s a blunt metal pick at the end. The LA-X is preloaded with an LBB heavy-duty ultra-sharp black snap-off blade, with 8 cutting edge sections.

Second Chance Giveaway!

Earlier this month, OLFA ran a free sample offer, giving away 100 free LA-X knives to ToolGuyd readers.

OLFA has made another 100 LA-X snap blade knives available to us, as giveaway prizes. This gives more people a chance to try it out.

100 winners will be chosen at random from all entries. US & Canada residents only. Must be 18 years or older. Limit to one knife per household/address per year.

Enter Here

Entry period ends this Friday, 4/27/2018, at 6pm ET.

Lastly, I have to add – these knives are so much nicer than the snap blade knives I tried years ago. OLFA knives and blades are available at Amazon and Home Depot, among other suppliers.