Best Product – New Zero Tolerance Knives for 2014

Zero Tolerance has announced several new high performance knives at the 2014 SHOT Show. It looks like they’re offering something for everyone, but unfortunately there are no new value-priced models.

If you aren’t too familiar with the Zero Tolerance brand, there are three things you should know:

  1. Zero Tolerance knives are made in the USA.


  2. Zero Tolerance knives are well engineered from quality materials, and so their street pricing starts at about $115.

  3. Not every Zero Tolerance knife is suitable for every user. Some users don’t understand this and bash the brand and their products just because the knife they bought and wanted to like isn’t perfectly suited for their needs.

Following is the roundup of new Zero Tolerance knives that will be hitting the market in 2014. Right now they’re all listed as Buy Now.

If you can’t wait and want a Zero Tolerance knife NOW, check out the Zero Tolerance 0801 Rexford knife, a new personal favorite. The 0566 ($144 via BladeHQ) and 0550 ($165 via BladeHQ) are also great models that are currently available.

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Zero Tolerance 0562 (Hinderer Style)

Zero Tolerance 0562 Knife 2014

The ZT 0562 is another Hinderer collaboration knife that features:

  • 3.5″ blade made from Elmax powdered steel
  • Hinderer’s flat-ground slicer blade shape
  • Manual flipper blade deployment mechanism
  • KVT ball-bearing pivot
  • Textured G-10 handle scale (G-10 is a high strength glass fiber-reinforced epoxy)
  • Stonewashed titanium back with hardened steel frame lock lockbar insert
  • Reversible deep-carry pocket clip
  • Closed length of 4.8″

This is by no means a small knife, and going by the feature set, it has the potential to be quite popular with Zero Tolerance fans and demanding users.

(Out of all these knives, this is the one I might be counting my pennies for.)

MSRP: $250
Street: $200

Buy Now(via BladeHQ)

Zero Tolerance 0562CF (Hinderer Style, Carbon Fiber)

Zero Tolerance 0562CF Knife 2014

Similar to the 0562, the 0562CF has two distinct enhancements.

Instead of Elmax, the 0562CF’s knife blade is made from Bohler’s M390 powder steel. M390 has higher chromium and vanadium than Elmax, which according to the fact sheet (PDF) gives it highest corrosion resistanceoptimum wear resistance, and excellent polishability.

Additionally, the 0562CF features a carbon fiber front scale, instead of G-10.

MSRP: $300
Street: $240

Buy Now(via BladeHQ)

Zero Tolerance 0620 (Emerson Style)

Zero Tolerance 0620 Knife 2014

The ZT 0620 was borne from a Zero Tolerance and Emerson Knives collaboration. It has a slew of high performance features:

  • 3.6″ Elmax powdered steel blade
  • Modified tanto-style blade
  • Non-reflective and wear-resistant DLC coating (diamond-like-carbon)
  • Machined G-10 front scale
  • Bead-blasted titanium back
  • Frame lock with hardened steel lockbar insert
  • Emerson “wave shaped feature” on blade spine for quick deployment
  • Thumb disc/stud
  • Closed length of 4.9″

What I find most interesting about the knife is that it has Emerson’s bladed deployment mechanism, where you can open the knife as you remove it from your pocket. This allows you to retrieve and deploy the knife blade with a singular motion.

How it works: when removing the knife from your pocket, the hook on the spine of the blade catches on the pocket spin and pivots the knife blade open.

The quick pocket deployment feature is aimed at military users, rescuers, and law enforcement users. If you’re interested in deploying the knife blade in such a manner, the ZT 0620 also has a traditional thumb stud for one-handed opening.

MSRP: $250
Street: $200

Buy Now(via BladeHQ)

Zero Tolerance 0620CF (Carbon Fiber)

Zero Tolerance 0620CF Knife 2014

As with the the ZT 0562CF, the ZT 0620CF features two noticeable differences compared to its base model – its blade is made from M390 powdered steel instead of Elmax, and its front handle scale is carbon fiber instead of G-10.

MSRP: $300
Street: $240

Buy Now(via BladeHQ)

Zero Tolerance 0180 (Hinderer Style, Fixed Blade)

Zero Tolerance 0180 Knife 2014

The Zero Tolerance 0180 is a fixed-blade knife that is based on Rick Hinderer’s Fieldtac knife. It is described as a smaller and lighter fixed blade knife that’s built to handle tough duty.

The ZT 0180’s 4.2″ full-tang blade is made from Vanadis 4 Extra powdered stainless steel, which makes the knife blade very tough and resistant to chipping and cracking. It has an overall length of 9.2″, a machined G-10 handle, DLC non-reflective coating, and heavy jimping on the spine. It also comes with a belt sheath.

MSRP: $275
Street: $220

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Zero Tolerance 0102 Tactical Tomahawk

Zero Tolerance 0102 Tactical Tomahawk 2014

The ZT 0102 is a new tactical tomahawk with full-tang Vanadis 4 Extra steel blade and G-10 handle scales. As with the 0180, this particular steel was chosen for its high toughness and resistance to chipping. The tomahawk also features a back spine which doubles as a pry bar.

  • Blade length: 4.75″
  • Overall length: 16″

It comes with a sheath for storage and carry.

MSRP: $400
Street: $320

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