Best Product – New Stanley Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set

Stanley FMHT0-62064 Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set

Stanley has a new diamond-tip screwdriver set coming out, model FMHT0-62064. This isn’t their first, but looks to be a significant refresh, with different looking handles than the Stanley Diamond Tip screwdriver set that came out 2 years ago.

Come to think of that, that older handle design looks to have heavily inspired SBD’s Dewalt MaxFit screwdrivers that were reviewed here last year.


Stanley Stubby Screwdriver

This new screwdriver handle design looks to be coming to several Stanley style lines, as suggested by this stubby non-diamond-tip screwdriver.

It has a soft overmolded grip with golf ball-like divots, and a hole for hanging or applying added leverage.

As for the Diamond Tip screwdriver set, it’s said to deliver 100% more torque transfer and 50% longer life, compared to “standard Stanley FatMax” screwdrivers. You can also expect for a better grip on fasteners and reduced cam-out.

Stanley Diamond Tip Screwdriver Coating

Stanley says these screwdrivers: provide best-in-class grip on fasteners to reduce cam-out and prevent damage to the screw head, although there’s no indication as to which screwdrivers or types of screwdrivers they are referencing.

When done right, diamond or diamond-like particles can definitely improve screwdriver-fastener engagement, such as when dealing with Phillips screws or damaged fasteners.

They do provide more “bite,” and so there might sometimes be application-dictated limitations as to where these screwdrivers could or should be used. Don’t ask me for a special example, I can’t think of one at the moment.

The set comes with 4 slotted, 3 Phillips, and 3 Pozidriv screwdrivers.

The 10-piece set is currently available for purchase (but not yet in stock for delivery) at Amazon, with high pricing I can only hope is simply inaccurate. It’s priced lower overseas, via Amazon Germany.

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There’s a 6-piece set of the older style of Stanley FatMax Diamond Tip screwdrivers, currently at $16 at Amazon. That newer screwdriver handle style looks like it could be more comfortable, but the older style presents a much better value.

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