Best Product – New Ryobi 18V Cordless Bluetooth Speaker

Ryobi PAD01B Bluetooth Speaker

Ryobi has added a new and upgrade Bluetooth speaker to their 18V One+ cordless power tool lineup, model PAD01B.

The new Ryobi Bluetooth speaker is described as a game-changer, featuring dual 3″ speakers that provide powerful and crisp sound at any volume. Ryobi says the PAD01B has 8.5X greater clarity than their previous model.


Ryobi PAD01B Bluetooth Speaker Internal Design

Ryobi engineered their new speaker with Smart Amplifier Technology to provide dynamic highs and lows, although we’re not quite sure what this actually means.

Ryobi PAD01B Features & Specs

  • Dual 3″ speakers
  • 8.5X more clarity compared to P746
  • 125+ ft Bluetooth range
  • 10+  hours runtime with a 4.0Ah battery
  • 2.1A USB charging port
  • Rubber carrying handle

Ryobi PAD01B Bluetooth Speaker with USB Charging Port

The 2.1A USB charging port seems like a convenient addition.

Price: $79 for the bare tool

Buy Now via Home Depot


The new Ryobi speaker looks to be a fairly straightforward update and addition to the Ryobi One+ lineup.

The controls are simple, with all of the user interface buttons in a line at the top of the speaker. Besides that, there’s the speaker grill, battery attachment at the rear, rubber handle, and USB charging port for recharging your personal electronic devices.

There’s nothing too fancy about this Bluetooth speaker, although Ryobi says their amplifier tech provides for greater clarity.

I’m not quite sure how this can be called a game-changer, but the design is at the least very streamlined and modern.

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of an AC adapter, and so this might be a cordless-only Bluetooth speaker. We’re checking with Ryobi to confirm.

For all you Ryobi 18V cordless power tool users, how likely are you to add this to your shopping list?