Best Product – New Olight LED Flashlight Sale – ends 8/31/21

Olight Flash Sale August 2021

Over at Olight, they kicked off a new flash sale, and it’s a big one. It kicked off at 8pm ET 8/30, and ends 11:59pm ET 8/31/2021.

Olight Web Test Flashlight Offer 8-30-2021


To start off, Olight recently revamped their website, and they have a new “thank you” type of promo offer to help test things out.

Registered users can log in, and a FREE i3E AAA LED flashlight is automatically added to your cart. The i3E is a compact flashlight that retails for $11.95. If this is all you want, shipping is a flat $5.

And, they also give you $10 coupon off any product.

Olight Flash Sale August 2021 Flashlight Selection

There are a lot of different LED flashlights and lighting products included in this promo.

  • S2R Baton II Pocket Flashlight in White
  • Baton 3 Flashlight & Charging Pack in White
  • Warrior X Pro Flashlight in White
  • i5T in Titanium Damascus
  • Perun Mini Headlight (and Right Angle Light) in Golden Yellow
  • MCA Charging Adapter
  • Obulb with Silicone Lanyard
  • OPen Pro Penlight with Laser

Olight Flash Sale August 2021 Free Gift Tier

There are also “free gift” tiers where if you spend over $129, $229, or $359 you get free bonus flashlights.

Shop Olight Flash Sale

My recommendation? I really like the Baton 3 (the newer version of the SR2 Baton I), and also the i3T (AAA) and i5T (AA) flashlights. The Perun headlamp is also an excellent right angle-style flashlight. Neither are for the light of wallet though, as they’re priced over $50.

This could be a good opportunity to same on something like the AAA i3T flashlight, a popular compact flashlight that also works with NiMH and non-rechargeable lithium battery cells. Instead of $20, the coupon takes $10 off, $5 is added for shipping, and you end up with the i3T and an i3E freebie for $15.

Olight offers free shipping in $49+ orders.

White seems to be a brand new color option for Olight, which is why they have so many of the flash sale models feature it.

The golden yellow Perun Mini also looks interesting, but I don’t know how I’d feel wearing something like that on myhead. Then again, I use my Perun Mini test sample handheld 99.9% of the time.