Best Product – New Olight Flashlight Sale (May 2021)

Olight May 2021 Flashlight Sale

Olight has a new flashlight flash sale, and it’s set to end 11:59pm ET 5/28/21.

The main focus this time around is on the FREYR in orange finish. The Freyr is a bright multi-color-capable flashlight, and there’s also a bundled featuring the Freyr with an orange Obulb accent light.


I believe the purple Obulb is also new for this flash sale.

Olight i3T Mountain Sky

If you ask me, the i3T in mountain sky finish is hard to pass up, especially with Father’s Day coming up. It might also be a good a gift idea for high school and college grads.

The i3T is an AAA LED flashlight that can deliver up to 180 lumens.

This one is on sale for $20. If you only want this light, it’s also $20 via Olight’s Amazon store with free Prime shipping.

I bought an i3T in desert tan about a year ago for the same price. This seems to be the going price, but this looks like it might be a limited time color scheme. You can usually find Olight flashlights in black and many in desert tan, but special colors tend to have very varied availability.

Olight May 2021 Flashlight Sale New Sign Up Bonuses

If you’re a new customer, there are some signup bonuses – coupon offers and a free i3E flashlight.

Olight May 2021 Flashlight Sale Freebie Tiers

And as usual, there are freebie tiers as well.

1) Spend $129+ get a FREE Obulb Green (MAP: $24.95)

2) Spend $259+ get a FREE Open 2 DT (MAP: $59.95)

3) Spend $359+ get a FREE Baton 3 Premium Edition Orange (MAP: $109.95)

Olight May 2021 Flashlight Sale Free Hook

Lastly, everyone gets a free Obulb hook. It *might* be useful for other flashlights as well, but I’m not sure how. If you’re placing an Olight order, get one of these and it could be useful now or down the road.

Shop Olight Flash Sale

Deals end at 11:59pm ET 5/28/21.

Why do you keep posting about Olight deals?

Olight is an affiliate partner, they occasionally send review samples, and in the past year I’ve purchased quite a few Olight flashlights that I’ve had great experiences with. As long as enough readers are interested in these deals, I’ll keep posting about them. Stop taking advantage of these deals, and I’ll stop posting about them.

Is this a good deal?

It depends on what you’re looking for.

For instance, there’s a new limited quantity Baton 3 color scheme with purple-blue gradient, an i5T Stardust color scheme that I kicked myself about missing last flash sale, and the i3T with a new mountain sky color scheme. But you don’t save on these, and they’re really only a good deal if you can take advantage of the freebie tiers. However, if you really want these colors and pass on them now, there’s no guarantee they’ll be available or included in the next promo.

If the current discounted selection doesn’t match up with what you’re looking for, Olight has flash sales about once a month, and you can always wait to see what’s featured in the next flash sale. Here’s an archive of Olight’s flash sales so you can get an idea about what the different offers look like.