Best Product – New Milwaukee M12 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool – Worth the Wait?

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2526 Oscillating Multi-Tool

Milwaukee has announced a new M12 Fuel cordless oscillating multi-tool, model 2526, featuring a tool-free blade change interface, brushless motor, 12-setting speed dial, built-in LED worklight, and some strong claims about cutting speed and vibration.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2526 Oscillating Multi-Tool Cutting Speed Comparison


To start off, Milwaukee says that their new M12 Fuel oscillating multi-tool is the fastest, besting competitors in cutting applications.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2526 Oscillating Multi-Tool Vibration Comparison

And, they say, it also performs with the lowest full-tool vibration.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2526 Oscillating Multi-Tool with Sanding Pad

Press imagery shows the tool equipped with a dust collection port. We contacted Milwaukee to ask whether this is included or an optional add-on, will update the post once we hear back.

Dust collection is an increasingly important feature, and in this case it looks to be nicely integrated, with the vacuum attachment angled out-of-the-way. It also appears to be adjustable.

Since the dust attachment is not included in the kit imagery, I’m assuming it’s an optional accessory.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2526 Oscillating Multi-Tool Blade Change

The tool-free blade change mechanism looks to feature a flip-up lever and removable locking pin, which would enable it to be compatible with a breadth of different 3rd party blades and accessories, including those with full rings. The tool will of course also be compatible with Milwaukee’s own accessories.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2526 Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool Features & Specs

  • Brushless motor
  • Tool-free blade changes
  • 10,000 – 20,000 OPM
  • 3.9° aggressive oscillating angle
  • Vibration-dampening technology
  • 12-setting speed dial
  • LED work light
  • 11.2″ length
  • Weighs 3.2 lbs with battery

Milwaukee says that the vibration dampening technology minimizes vibrations throughout the entire tool, and not just the handle.

The M12 Fuel multi-tool is designed to handle typical plunge cutting tasks, nail and grout removal tasks, sanding operations, and is said to cut through bolts with ease.

With an M12 XC 4.0Ah battery, the multi-tool can make up to (54) 1″ x 2″ cuts in oak or (65) 1″ x 2″ cuts in pine.

The kit (2526-21XC) comes with the tool, 4.0Ah battery, charger, carrying bag, (1) multi-tool sanding pad, a sampling of sandpaper from 60 to 240 grit, and a universal fit Open-Lok wood-cutting blade.

A bare tool (2526-20) will also be available.

Price: $149 for the bare tool, $219 for the kit

ETA: September 2020

Buy Now: Bare Tool via Acme Tools
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Buy Now: Kit via Tool Nut
Buy Now: Kit via Acme Tools


Shortly after Milwaukee acquired Imperial Tools, an oscillating multi-tool accessory maker, I hoped and was very certain that new oscillating multi-tools would be in the works.

When I asked about what other possibilities this [acqusition] could provide for, I was told that Milwaukee Tool “will continue to evaluate and pursue product plan extensions that complement core Imperial Products.”

That part was in response to my questioning (it was more thinking aloud) as to whether this means we will see new Milwaukee M18 Fuel and M12 Fuel oscillating multi-tools. Milwaukee currently offers an M18 oscillating multi-tool, which earned a Best Value badge from me in a 2013 comparison, but readers have been asking about the potential for brushless M18 and M12 models for some time.

With Milwaukee Tool having acquired Imperial Blades, and now able to tap into a continued revenue stream from oscillating multi-tool users, I am convinced that we will see new M18 cordless multi-tools, likely brushless with M18 Fuel designation, in addition to new high-performance oscillating tool accessories.

I had considered/hoped/wrongfully predicted that we might see this launch last year. Last year, in my NPS19 new tools prediction post, I said:

We’ve started to see new Imperial Blades oscillating multi-tool accessories. Now’s a good time for an M18 Fuel oscillating multi-tool, maybe even an M12 Fuel model, of course supported by new Milwaukee oscillating multi-tool blades and accessories. Or, maybe they’ll be supported by Imperial Blade accessories. Either way, I expect to see both.

We haven’t reported on it yet, but Milwaukee recently announced new Universal Fit Open-Lok oscillating multi-tool blades. And now, here’s a new M12 multi-tool that works with those blades and fills in a gap in Milwaukee’s brushless cordless power tools lineup.

The tool itself looks appealing, especially from a competitive standpoint.

I know many readers will be hoping for a new M18 Fuel version to follow, and one very well might, but there are merits in an M12 Fuel oscillating multi-tool. Yes, lower voltage systems typically mean less power and speed compared to higher voltage systems. With this tool, you get high speeds, a 3.9° oscillating angle that Milwaukee rightfully describes as aggressive, and what seems to be decent runtime.

Makita’s 12V CXT cordless oscillating multi-tool operates at 6,000 to 20,000 OPM and has a 3.2° oscillation angle. It’s not brushless or tool-free.

Compare: Makita Multi-Tool Kit via Amazon

Bosch 12V Max Brushless Starlock Oscillating Multi-Tool

Bosch’s 12V oscillating multi-tool operates at 5,000 to 20,000 OPM, and with a 2.8° oscillation angle. It features a brushless motor but is not tool-free.

Compare: Bosch 12V Multi-Tool Bare Tool via Amazon

Milwaukee M12 Fuel 2526 Oscillating Multi-Tool Cutting Task

It’s too soon to know how the new Milwaukee M12 Fuel oscillating multi-tool compares with respect to performance and user comfort, but so far it seems to be better featured than the competition. It’s priced a bit higher as well, but the greater features and claims of lowest vibration and fastest cutting speed could justify that for many users, especially M12 cordless power tool users.

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So, what do you think – was this new M12 Fuel oscillating multi-tool worth the wait?