Best Product – New Milwaukee Auto-Locking Tape Measures

Milwaukee 25-foot Auto Locking Tape Measure

Milwaukee quietly announced new AutoLock tape measures, with auto-locking blade mechanisms.

These kinds of tape measures can be convenient to use. Pull the tape out, and it holds its position until you depress the button to unlock and retract the blade.


It looks to me like these new tape measures were styled after the the new compact tape measures Milwaukee came out with last year.

Milwaukee 25-foot Auto Locking Tape Measure Belt Clip

Actually, these look like they could be a tad bit smaller. The pocket clip looks to be largely the same.

The new tape measures will be available in 4 sizes/styles:

  • 16′, 48-22-6816
  • 25′, 48-22-6825
  • 5m/16′, 48-22-6817
  • 8m/26′, 48-22-6826

The smaller tapes (16′, 5m) will be priced at $11, and the larger ones (25′, 8m) $15.

Standard features include nylon-bonded blade protection, and a 5-point reinforced frame for drop protection. Milwaukee says that these features make their tape measures the most durable ones in the industry.

Compare(Milwaukee Tape Measures via Home Depot)

First Thoughts

It’s nice to see Milwaukee expand their tape measure lineup further. Now, if only they came out with a…

Hmm, I seem to be drawing a blank. What other types of tape measures do you think Milwaukee should come out with? Their current tape measure lineup doesn’t seem to have a lot of holes.

Maybe smaller sizes? But how many people use tape measures smaller than 16′ on a regular basis? I sometimes use 12′ tapes, but only ones that I bought as part of bundle packs. I use keychain tape measures frequently, but Milwaukee already makes one, and a good one at that.