Best Product – New Metabo HPT 12-inch Compound Miter Saw with Shadow Line System

Metabo HPT 12-inch Compound Miter Saw

It looks Metabo HPT has a new 12-inch compound miter saw, model C12FDHB. This is a non-sliding miter saw with miter range of 52° left and right, and double bevel range of 48° to the left and right. The new Metabo HPT C12FDHB has a different design compared to their other 12-inch miter saws, with the motor on the right side and angled to the rear, and there is also a big new feature – an Xact Cut LED Shadow Line System.

In case you’re not yet familiar with LED shadow line systems, there are usually LED emitters that shine a light along both sides of a blade. As the blade is brought closer to the work material that’s to be cut, the blade casts a shadow of exact width of its kerf. This allows for accurate cut line positioning. Unlike lasers, there is nothing to ever calibrate, and the cut line indicator should always match the width of the blade.

If you need help visualizing this, imagine that you’re standing outside with the sun overhead. Your body might be casting a shadow of different sizes in different directions, but what about your foot? Raise you foot just off the ground, and the size of the shadow should perfectly match your footwear.

This looks to be Metabo HPT’s first corded or cordless miter saw with an Xact Cut LED shadow cutline guidance system.

Metabo HPT C12FDHB Miter Saw Features & Specs

  • 15A motor
  • 12-inch blade size
  • 4,300 RPM
  • 7-3/32″ cutting depth
  • 7″ sliding fence
  • Miter range of 52° left and right
  • Bevel range of 0-48° left and right
  • Weighs 44 lbs

Price: $350

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Metabo HPT also has an older 12-inch double bevel model ($249 via Amazon at the time of this posting), and a 12-inch sliding miter saw ($369 via Amazon), both equipped with laser cut line positioning systems.

Metabo HPT 12-inch Compound Miter Saw Bevel Range

The new miter saw looks similar in styling to Metabo HPT’s 10-inch model (C10FCGS, $102 via Amazon), but there are many differences, such as with the sliding fences, miter adjustment lock, and motor design, to say the least.

This looks to be an interesting new offering, and I’m happy to see Metabo HPT come out with a new shadow cut line guidance system. Hopefully a similar feature is added to their future miter saw redesigns.