Best Product – New Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measures Look to Change the Game

Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measures

Crescent Lufkin has come out with a new line of Shockforce tape measures, which they say will set the new standard.

The new Lufkin Shockforce tape measures were designed after extensive research to determine what users wanted most. The focus was on durability, time-saving, and enhanced printing for greater legibility.


There are two styles, Shockforce, and Shockforce Nite Eye, which the latter featuring a high-visibility light-on-dark color scheme. The green markings on a matte black blade are said to be easily read in any light condition.

Both Shockforce tape measure styles have metal “roll bars,” which help to protect the lock button against impact drop damage. The tapes are drop-tested to 100 feet.

Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measure Standout

The new tapes are described by Lufkin as being compact, measuring 3″ long across the bottom. But that won’t hamper functionality – the 25′ tape measures have a 14-foot standout, which Lufkin says now leads the industry. They also say the new tapes have “class-leading ergonomics.”

The large end hook design is also noteworthy, with a simulated diamond coating and 360° shape for “50% more gripping power.”

Not only all that, there are vertical markings on the back of the blade, for even greater versatility.

And, they’re tether-ready for working at heights, with a thru-hole tether attachment point. Or, use the hole as a pivot point for scribing arcs.

Lastly, the blades are finished with a durable nylon coating, which Lufkin says provides best-in-class blade protection and 5X the blade life compared to uncoated blades.

Available Sizes

  • Crescent Lufkin Shockforce
    • 16-foot, L1116
    • 25-foot, L1125
    • 35-foot, L1135
  • Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Nite Eye
    • 16-foot, L1116B
    • 25-foot, L1125B
    • 35-foot, L1135B
  • Crescent Lufkin Shockforce Metric
    • 5m/16-foot, L1116CME
    • 8m/26-foot, L1125CME
    • 10m/33-foot, L1136CME

Lufkin Shockforce 25-foot Tape Measure

To sum up all the features, here’s Lufkin’s one-paragraph summary:

Shockforce brings new meaning to the term high performance with a full 14 feet* of standout and the ability to survive a 100-foot drop. Add in a diamond coated 360-degree end hook that delivers 50% more gripping power, a two-sided blade with vertical markings on the back, and class-leading ergonomics and you have a tape that’s destined to be the new standard for trade professionals.

Price: $30 for the 25-foot tape

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First Thoughts

Here are some of the marketing claims:

The toughest tapes to ever hit a jobsite.

Superior impact protection.

Easier inside measurements (even 3″ body length).

Industry leading 14 feet of standout.

Class-leading ergonomics.

If Lufkin can make good on all of these claims, the Shockforce could very well be a leading tape measure on the market, challenging Milwaukee and Dewalt stakes to the claim.

I’ll reserve making any judgements or presumptions until I can get a test sample in-hand to test the claims for myself.

As a final note, the belt clip isn’t shown in press or product imagery, but is shown in the promo video as a typical spring steel clip (as opposed to a wire clip). Here’s that video if you’re up to it: