Best Product – New Leatherman Wave+ Multi-Tool “Custom Shop”

Over at Leatherman, they have introduced a new “Custom Shop” which can do a lot more than simple personalizations (which they also offer).
Leatherman Wave Plus Custom Shop
You can decorate either (or both) sides of the handles, as well as either (or both) sides of the knife blade.

There are 3 categories:

  • Artwork
  • Text
  • Pattern

Leatherman Wave Plus Custom Shop Artwork Example

The artwork library includes a selection of built-in graphics. In this example, I selected an alligator (or crocodile?) for the right side of the handle, and a stegosaurus for the right side of the blade.

Graphics categories include animals (mainly wildlife), nature, activities, symbols, and vehicles.

You can also add a pattern to the mix, or at least the customizer allows me to. Whether that’s a good idea or not could depend on the pattern.

You can also upload your own artwork image.

Leatherman Wave Plus Custom Shop Pattern 1

There is a selection of patterns as well. This one appears to be an ocean wave, which would be appropriate given that it’s the name of the tool.

Leatherman Wave Plus Custom Shop Pattern 2

This is another pattern, with bold lines.

Leatherman Wave Plus Custom Shop Pattern 3

Here’s a circuit trace-like pattern.

These are just a few examples, as there are many more patterns and artwork graphics in the built-in library.

To customize things further, you can control several aspects of each graphic or pattern, such as the horizontal and vertical positions, and the size, and you can even rotate them.

You can also copy the left-side images to the right side, for perfect alignment.

Leatherman Wave Plus Custom Shop Artwork Example on Black Finish Tool

Lastly, you can opt for black graphics on a silver-finish tool, or silver graphics on a black-finish tool.


Base Price for the Wave+: $99.95
Text: $7.95
Uploaded Image: $16.95
Artwork: $14.95
Pattern: $16.95

Buy Now via Amazon

As of this time, only the Wave+ is customizable. Many of the other Leatherman multi-tools can still be ordered with text engravings.

First Thoughts

There are other brands that offer knife or tool customizations, but I never take them too seriously, because the product’s base price is often inflated above street pricing, at least the last I checked. Things might have changed.

Here, the base price is the same as you can find the Wave+ for elsewhere.

There could be additional built-in graphics to choose from, but there’s decent selection to start off with, and I like that the artwork and patterns can be customized further, in regard to their size and positions, to suit individual preferences.

To be honest, the price is a little steep for me, and I don’t quite *love* any of the built-in graphics or patterns enough to allow myself to splurge. However, I’d LOVE to receive one, and I could myself buying one to give away as a special gift to someone. This seems like a great gift idea to me.

When I got married, my groomsmen each got personalized Leatherman Wave multi-tools. I ordered a couple from Amazon, and had them engraved at the mall. To this day I really regret not getting one engraved for myself too. I did buy one, but I left it plain. Maybe I’ll order a customized and personalized Wave+ to help erase that regret.