Best Product – New Harbor Freight Doyle Fast Adjustable Pliers

Harbor Freight Doyle Fast Adjust Pliers

Harbor Freight has come out with new Doyle fast adjust water pump pliers.

The new Harbor Freight Doyle adjustable pliers features v-groove jaws for gripping pipes and round stock, and are adjusted via button press.


This is the 10″ size, which has a max jaw capacity of 2″. 8″ and 12″ sizes of these pliers are also available.

Harbor Freight describes the jaws as being right angle, induction hardened, for stronger grip and longer life.

They also have a self-locking mechanism, with Harbor Freight also claiming easy one-hand operation.

With these 10″ pliers, there are 21 adjustable positions, allowing for a comfortable fit around all sizes and shapes of fasteners and materials.

The pliers receive “rust protection” via some manner of coating, and the handles are vinyl-dipped.

These are seemingly inspired by Knipex Cobra adjustable pliers ($29 via Amazon).

Price: $20

Buy Now via Harbor Freight
Compare: Knipex Cobra via Amazon
Compare: Vise-Grip via Amazon
Compare: Channellock via Amazon


If you’re considering this, it’s probably a buy-in-person type of tool, especially with a 20% coupon.

I have found Harbor Freight Doyle pliers to be of decent quality, but the last time I checked, there was some variation among the pliers on the shelf.

These Doyle adjustable pliers are at an interesting price level, where you have many options. You can get USA-made tongue and groove pliers for less, entry-level adjustable pliers for less, or more premium European brands of adjustable pliers for just a bit more.

Compared to the $20 for these Harbor Freight Doyle pliers, you can get Knipex Alligator for ~$21 (180mm size), or 10″ Cobras for ~$29.

Although $29 is quite a bit more than $20, once you hit that $20 price point, it can be relatively easy to justify bumping up your spending to upgrade from $20 Harbor Freight Doyle to $29 Knipex Cobra pliers.

Store brands’ adjustable pliers are usually priced lower, although you typically have to wait until November and December winter holiday value-priced tool displays to pop up.

Harbor Freight is expanding their hand tool selection, and upwards towards more premium and featured offerings. Time will tell whether they’ll be considered with the same revere as brands such as Knipex, or even as upgrades compared to more entry-level offerings.