Best Product – New EGO Cordless Floodlight

EGO LT1000 Cordless Area Light

EGO is soon coming out with a new Power+ portable area light, model LT1000.

The new cordless floodlight is just one of EGO’s new lifestyle tools, with the other being a new misting fan that we’ll post about separately.

When you think EGO, cordless outdoor power equipment comes to mind, right? EGO is well-known for their cordless snow blowers, mowers, leaf blowers, string trimmers, and other such landscaping and lawn & garden tools.

EGO’s new lifestyle tools provide high functionality while leveraging their existing battery system

This EGO cordless worklight is said to be the world’s most powerful area light with respect to the handheld outdoor power category.

EGO LT1000 Cordless Area Light 360 Degree Mode

The new EGO LT1000 worklight delivers up to 10,000 lumens of illumination and up to 35 hours of runtime with a 5Ah battery at lower power.

It has 4 folding light panels that can be tilted to either face your work or provide 360° illumination.

There are 5 brightness settings (600 to 10,000 lumens), and also selectable panel controls, giving users “ultimate control” over the area light.

Each light panel has a diffused lens, providing for softer light output.

In addition to featuring a wide base, the light also has built-in rafter hooks and tripod mounts for 1/4″-20 and 5/8″-11 connections.


The worklight is weather-resistant and designed for use indoors and outdoors. Its recommended operating temperature range is 5°F – 104°F (-15°C – 40°C).

It can be folded into a compact shape for storage and transport.

As a bonus, you get a USB-A port for charging electronic devices from your EGO 56V battery. According to the product manual, max output is 1.5A.

Price: TBA
Presumed ETA: Early 2022

EGO LT1000 Area Light Brightness Modes & Runtime

Approximate runtime is with a 5Ah battery and all 4 panels activated.

  • Level 1: 600 lumens, 36hrs
  • Level 2: 1,600 lumens, 16 hrs
  • Level 3: 3,200 lumens, 8 hrs
  • Level 4: 3,800 lumens, 5 hrs
  • Level 5: 6,400 lumens, 4 hrs
  • Boost: 10,000 lumens, 3 hrs

When Using Boost Mode

The max brightness mode, “Boost mode,” illumination duration might be limited by temperature conditions.

According to the user manual, the light will illuminate at 10,000 lumens in ambient temperature 77°F (25°C) for about 1 hour and will run at 2 more hours in brightness level 5. It also says that Boost mode can operate with longer runtime in cooler environments and shorter runtime in hotter environments.

Basically, Boost mode duration depends on thermal conditions, and the worklight will dial the brightness from 10,000 to 6,400 lumens to prevent overheating.

There’s always a tradeoff between cooling capabilities and product size. In my opinion, being able to run the light at max brightness for ~1 hour at 77°F ambient temperature conditions is better than not having that Boost mode option.


As of now, there are just 2 EGO lifestyle tools – this new area light/worklight, and a new misting fan. They also have battery inverters and power generators that are incredibly useful.

EGO’s trimmers, snow blowers, leaf blowers – all of their outdoor power equipment that I’ve tried so far have been excellent.

I think that they are off to a good start with these new “lifestyle” tools, and I want to see more. EGO’s is an excellent battery system, and I’m eager for more tools, accessories, and solutions that can put these batteries to work when I’m not using their cordless OPE.

I think the runtime claims are decent, and I especially like that it can output 600 lumens for up to 36 hours on a 5Ah battery. This is with 4 panels activated, and so turning some of them off should help extend runtime by quite a bit.

Especially with the panels folded to 360° illumination mode, this might be a great light for camping or in case of a blackout.