Best Product – New Dewalt 20V Cordless Mowers, Powered by Dual 10Ah Batteries

Dewalt DCMWSP244U2 Cordless Mower

Dewalt has come out with a new 20V Max dual-battery cordless lawn mower, model DCMWSP244U2.

Thank you to everyone who wrote in about the new Dewalt cordless mower. I’ve been waiting for a press release or other such press/media materials, but Dewalt has not yet made any official announcements. As such, the only available details are from Home Depot’s product listing, where the new mower is currently available for purchase.


Dewalt’s original 2x20V Max XR cordless mower (reviewed by Benjamen here) suffered from poor battery life. There’s no mincing words, the 5Ah batteries that it was kitted with were simply inadequate for the amount of use one could reasonably expect to push the mower through in a single grass-trimming session.

Dewalt 20V Max 10Ah Cordless Power Tool Battery

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Dewalt is launching their new DCMWSP244U2 cordless lawn mower kit with brand new 20V Max 10Ah battery packs. Like its predecessor, the new mower is powered by 2x 20V Max batteries, and so with the kit you have 400 watt-hours of power and charge capacity at the tool’s disposal.

Dewalt increased the size of the cutting blade as well, from a 20″ deck size and 19″ cutting width to a 21.5″ deck size and – if Home Depot’s specifications are accurate – 20″ cutting width.

Dewalt claims 50 or 60 minutes of runtime for the new mower when powered by 10Ah batteries, with the rating depending on what part of the product page you’re looking at. They also say that the mower should be a good fit for properties of up to 1/2 acre.

Features include adjustable self-propelled wheels, a steel deck, and high-output direct drive brushless motor. The new Dewalt cordless mower has 6 cutting heights, from 1.5 to 4.5 inches, and 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities.

The mower has an “auto sensing” feature that is said to increase torque when mowing through areas with high overgrowth.

We haven’t received any press information or product details yet, and so we are unable to answer any questions you might have.

Home Depot’s website has quite a few “received free product” customer reviews, but there’s not much useful information in there except for comments that the mower doesn’t have any speed controls and comes with single-port chargers.

Price: $549 for the kit

Buy Now via Home Depot

Dewalt DCMWP233U2 Cordless Mower

Dewalt has also come out with a new 20V Max cordless push mower, DCMWP233U2.

The other mower, DCMWSP244U2, has a self-propelled drive, and the DCMWP233U2 is a strictly walk-behind push mower.

Dewalt says that the DCMWP233U2 cordless mower will operate for up to 70 minutes of cutting runtime when powered by 2x 10Ah batteries.

It looks like the main differences, aside from the self-propelled mechanism, are cosmetic with some yellow components on one mower being black on the other, and vice versa.

Dewalt has not yet provided any press materials for this mower either. As with the self-propelled mower, there are quite a few “received free product” user reviews on Home Depot’s website.

Price: $399 for the kit

Buy Now via Home Depot


It looks like Dewalt increased the size of their 20V Max 2-battery cordless power, and also added a new self-propelled option. And, they now have new 10Ah batteries to provide hopefully ample runtime.

While Dewalt previously offered 9Ah and 12Ah FlexVolt cordless power tool batteries, the 10Ah batteries achieve such charge capacity with fewer Li-ion cells, presumably making them less expensive to manufacture and bundle with the mower kits.

Dewalt has had several years to improve upon their 2x20V Max cordless mower, but it’s unclear as to what else is different about the two new mowers aside from the larger deck size, cutting width, and self-propelled drive.

The DCMW220P2 mower kit is still available, but I would expect it to be discontinued soon, seeing as how it retails for the same $399 at Home Depot as the new push mower.

It’s surprising that the new push mower kit is the same price as the previous one, despite having 2x 10Ah batteries instead of 2x 5Ah batteries. Higher capacity batteries and a larger cutting width at the same price? Is there a catch that I’m not seeing?

For an additional $150, you can upgrade to the self-propelled version.

How do these new Dewalt cordless mowers compare against other brands’ mowers?

Can the mowers be used with Dewalt’s lower capacity 20V Max Li-ion batteries? Well, there’s a reason you can only buy them in kit bundles right now, with the 10Ah batteries.

There’s also the question about how well the 10Ah batteries will perform compared to Dewalt’s lower capacity 6Ah and 8Ah batteries. Generally, the maximum power delivery of Li-ion battery cells tend to decrease with higher charge capacity, but I would guess that the 10Ah batteries could be used with all of Dewalt’s 20V Max tools without any power or performance concerns. Keep in mind that Dewalt’s highest performance tools are found in the FlexVolt cordless power tool line, which won’t work with 20V Max batteries.

It’s disappointing that Dewalt has yet to provide any press materials when the mowers are already available for sale and with a couple of a dozen “received free product” reviews spread between the two mowers’ Home Depot product listings. What does that mean about these products or their competitiveness?

Dewalt also recently came out with new FlexVolt cordless outdoor power tools that are attachment-ready.

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