Best Product – New Dewalt 12V 5Ah Battery Signals that More Cordless Power Tools are Coming Soon

Dewalt DCB126 12V Max 5Ah Cordless Power Tool Battery Angled

Dewalt will be coming out with a new 12V Max 5Ah cordless power tool battery.

Dewalt officially announced their new Xtreme Compact cordless power tool line in mid-2019, but they have not added many new tools to the lineup since then.


Dewalt 12V Max Xtreme Sub-Compact Series Tools

An early look provided to Stanley Black & Decker investors included cordless power tools that we have not yet seen, such as an inline cordless screwdriver and a compact oscillating multi-tool.

Dewalt Xtreme Compact 12V Max cordless power tools feature brushless motors and comfortable ergonomics that hold true to the branding.

But do we need a 5Ah battery?

At this time, Dewalt’s highest capacity 12V Max cordless power tool battery is the DCB124 3Ah battery, available at Amazon and other dealers.

A 12V Max 5Ah battery will be Dewalt’s first 6-cell battery, with all of their other past and present batteries being engineered with 3 Li-ion cells.

A 6-cell battery provides for two things:

  1. Longer runtime
  2. More power

Simply put, the more cells you have delivering current to a motor, LED emitter, or other such electronic load, the easier it is on the batteries. More cells – in the parallel configuration used here – also means that a battery pack can deliver more power.

Dewalt DCS377 20V Max Atomic Cordless Band Saw
Dewalt DCS377 20V Max Atomic Cordless Band Saw

Dewalt recently came out with a 20V Max Atomic cordless band saw that’s designed for one-handed use.

Dewalt DCS312 12V Max Xtreme Subcompact Reciprocating Saw
Dewalt DCS312 12V Max Xtreme Subcompact Reciprocating Saw

Last year, Dewalt came out with a 12V Max Xtreme compact reciprocating saw that was very similar in design to their Atomic reciprocating saw.

Thus, a Dewalt Xtreme 12V Max cordless band saw could possibly be on the way in 2021.

What else might be on the way in 2021?

Consider this – Dewalt’s new 12V Max 5Ah provides longer runtime for their current 12V Max cordless power tools, but is it really needed for a compact tool lineup that is mainly centered around highly efficient fastening tools? A compact screwdriver, drill, or impact driver doesn’t quite need a 5Ah battery.

Sure, this might be a good option to have, but there is also significance in what the battery represents.

I am assuming that this new Dewalt battery signals that more tools are coming down the 12V Max Xtreme Compact pipeline – tools that might take advantage of the longer runtime and greater power capabilities made possible by a 6-cell 5Ah battery.

What if this assumption is wrong? Well, then that would mean there are users demanding a higher capacity battery pack for use with Dewalt’s current lineup of 12V Max and Xtreme Compact cordless tools, and that Dewalt is catering to those users’ needs and wants.

And, if Dewalt is granting their users’ wishes in providing a new higher capacity battery pack, then it is highly likely that they would seek to satisfy requests and demands for new 12V Max Xtreme Compact tools as well.

Basically, Dewalt is coming out with a new 12V Max 5Ah battery pack, and in my opinion this guarantees that new tools are on the way as well.

I’m liking this momentum, and hope that Dewalt keeps it up!

Price: $79

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Dewalt DCB126 12V Max 5Ah Cordless Power Tool Battery 2-Pack

Lowe’s has a new listing up as well, for a 2-pack of these same batteries.

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