Best Product – New Craftsman Tool Deals for the 2018 Holiday Shopping Season

Lowes Craftsman Holiday Gift Ideas Best Deals

Are you going to “give the gift of Craftsman” this year? Are you going to get Craftsman tools as a gift?

Lowes has started ramping up their advertising, and their latest newsletter inspired me to think about the new Craftsman tool deals I’d find enticing to buy for the holidays, or to potentially give or receive for average DIYers.


Craftsman Swivel Head LED Flashlight

Craftsman Pivoting Head LED Flashlight

Raise your hand if you can always use another LED flashlight. I saw this Craftsman swivel-head LED flashlight at my local Lowes, and bought one on the spot. It felt well-made and had a magnetic base.

For $10, it seems like a good buy.

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Craftsman LED Flashlights Holiday 2018 Deals

There are other new Craftsman LED flashlights on display as well. I wanted to pick up a 2-pack of the penlights, but I accidentally forgot about it. I’ll try to get it on my next visit. The keychain LED light and bottle opener seems like it could be a good kitchen gadget drawer light.

Tape Measures

Craftsman Holiday Tape Measure Deals at Lowes 2018

I previously wrote about the Craftsman Black Friday 2018 tape measure deals I came across at my local Lowes. Well, there are more.

There are 5 different deals so far – two types of 2-packs, two different singles, and a 4-pack of high-viz tapes.

I think the 4-pack is the best buy for most people. If you know you like one of the other styles better, go for it.

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New Cordless Drill & Impact Combo or Air Compressor

Craftsamn V20 Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit and Air Compressor

I mentioned the new Craftsman V20 cordless drill and impact driver kit in my cordless drill deals roundup, and I also bought a set for review purposes. And, I also bought and reviewed the same drill, which is bundled as part of a $69 special buy. I think that it’s a good kit, relatively speaking, and definitely compared to the entry-priced kits from a few years ago.

There’s also the USA-made 6-gallon air compressor. If I could just have one, it’d be the… air compressor deal. I think that both of these are going to be very strong sellers. A few years ago, I’d have loved the cordless combo kit. Now? My needs are a little different – I’d want a premium compact brushless set. But the compressor? For how often I use one, this would fit my needs perfectly.

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Cordless Jig Saw Kit

Craftsman V20 Cordless Jig Saw Kit

When shopping for specific cordless tools, such as a cordless jig saw, or a cordless angle grinder, there are usually a couple of kit and bare tool options when looking at pro brands. When looking at DIYer brands, you generally have to buy a bare tool and a starter set, or find some other kit to buy into the system with.

Because of that, I was surprised to find a new Craftsman V20 cordless jig saw kit (CMCS600D1), priced at $99. It comes with the saw, a charger, and 2.0Ah battery pack.

It’s such an unusual concept that Lowes’ product description specifically says (battery included) in the headline. If I were a DIYer who wanted a cordless cutting solution, this would probably be on my holiday season shortlist.

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Organizer Tool Box
Craftsman XL Organizer

Who doesn’t need more parts organizers?

This Craftsman 12-compartment organizer didn’t woo me at first sight, but it stuck in my mind as something you guys might be interested in seeing. I wonder if it’s stacking-compatible with Dewalt and FatMax pro-series organizers…

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Craftsman Mini Socket Set

Craftsman Mini Socket Set Holiday 2018

There are a couple of small Craftsman socket sets, which seem like good portable or travel kits for someone who already has a bigger kit, or as a sort of sample to try out before investing in a pricier assortment.

Craftsman Shop Vacuum Deal?

Craftsman Shop Vacuum at Lowes Holiday 2018

Lastly, do you think there’s going to be a Craftsman shop vacuum deal this year? There were enough boxes of 16 gallon wet/dry vacs on display that I’d the answer is yes. Lowes typically features a Shop Vac-branded wet/dry vacuum in their Black Friday weekend sales. Will they be featuring a Craftsman deal this year instead?