Best Product – New Bessey GearKlamp Bar Clamps

Bessey GearKlamp

This is the Bessey GearKlamp, a unique first-of-its-kind clamping solution that works in tight spaces and anywhere you might want quick, secure, and ergonomic clamping.

Basically, it’s a new type of bar clamp.


Bessey GearKlamp Inner Workings

At the heart of the Bessey GearKlamp is a gear train, fully enclosed to keep out dust and debris, which can deliver up to 450 lbs of clamping power.

The GearKlamp features a quick release button, an ergonomic handle that drives the gear train power, reinforced clamping arms, a hardened and tempered cold drawn steel rail, non-marring clamps, and V-groove anvil in case you need to clamp round parts. The v-grooves are exposed by removing the large protective cap.

Bessey says that it’s great for working in cramped locations, up against other objects, or if you need to reach into or across something to clamp.

It’s available in 4 sizes:

  • 8″, GK15
  • 12″, GK30
  • 18″, GK45
  • 24″, GK60

Throat depth is 2-3/8″ for each size.

“So what?” Is that what you’re thinking?

Traditional Bar Clamp Handle Interference

Consider what happens if you try to use a traditional bar clamp in tight spaces. You end up with a long handle that gets in the way.

Bessey GearKlamp Clamping Application

With the Bessey GearKlamp, the handle is actually inline with the bar, which helps keep it out of the way.

Bessey GearKlamp Clamping Application Next to Obstruction

Or, it can be used where there’s not enough space to grip and turn a traditional bar clamp handle.

Price: $16-25 depending on size

Buy Now: 6-inch | 12-inch | 18-inch | 24-inch (via Acme Tools)

First Thoughts

The new Bessey GearKlamp bar clamps look pretty neat, and they definitely would have saved me some past frustrations with my other clamps.

There is a downside. With these clamps you do get less clamping power than traditional bar clamps, which can provide 600 or 880 lbs of clamping pressure (using Bessey’s TGJ and TG4 clamps with 2K handles as the example). However, even 450 lbs of clamping pressure is going to be enough for many applications. My favorite quick-use clamp these days is the Bessey KliKlamp, a ratcheting-action clamp with magnesium jaws and 260 lbs clamping pressure rating.

I might have been inclined to question the polyamide construction of these GearKlamps, but so far the polymer handle on my KliKlamps have been holding up just fine.

I haven’t tried the GearKlamps yet, but I think that Bessey might just have come out with another problem solver.

Bessey Promo Video