Best Product – Mora Craftline Knife Deal – New Lowest-Ever Prices (12/15/19)

Mora Craftline Knife Orange

Over at Amazon, they have Mora Craftline Basic knives on sale at even lower prices than before. We posted about Mora Companion knife deals the other day, and the Craftline was included in my post about EDC and shop knives for under $30.

With this new deal, you can get the Mora Craftline for as low as $6.50 with an orange handle.


Mora Craftline Knives

There are a bunch of different colors on sale, from $6.50 to ~$7.

The Mora Companion Basic knife has a 3.6″ high carbon steel blade and TPE rubber handle for a secure grip. The blade is easily sharpened.

  • 3.6″ blade
  • 0.08″ blade thickness
  • 8.25″ total length
  • Weighs 4.1 oz

The included hard plastic “combi-sheath” has a quick-connection that allows for a second knife and sheath, although I’m not quite sure how that would work.

The Mora Companion Basic knives are made in Sweden.

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Mora knives are a great value. Care, attention, and quality is put into the aspects that matter, such as the blade profile and handle, and not where it doesn’t, such as the rough-finished spine.

The longer-bladed Companion was my first Mora knife, and I bought a couple of more since then, but the Craftline’s slightly smaller size seems more convenient. If deals like this were available a couple of years ago, I might have bought these first or instead of the Companion.

From online price trackers, these are the lowest prices ever, especially on the orange-handled knife priced at $6.50. The black-handled version at $7.01 also looks to be at its lowest price ever, and the same looks to be true for the black and green version, and some of the others. The red and black version is not quite at its lowest price ever, but is still a good deal at $8 if you prefer that color scheme.

Other colors are also available.

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