Best Product – Milwaukee Utility Knives and Blades Holiday 2018 Bundle is LIVE

Milwaukee Holiday 2018 Utility Knife Promo Bundle

Over at Home Depot, a Milwaukee Holiday 2018 tool deal just went live. This Milwaukee utility knife and blade bundle is priced extremely low, at just $15.

With this bundle, you get:


  • Fastback utility knife
  • Compact Fastback utility knife
  • (50) USA-made general purpose utility knife blades in a dispenser pack.

Update: Here’s more about the 50-pack of general purpose utility knife blades.

I discussed the value of this deal in detail last year, when the deal appeared in the second week of November. In that post, I priced out each of the tools, which total $31 if priced separately. Looking at current pricing, the 3-tool total currently comes out to $29.

So, with this bundle, you’re getting $29 worth of tools for $15. $14.88 to be precise.

I’d love to understand how this bundle, and others like it, can be priced so low. I’m guessing it comes down to volume and marketing. Well, whatever the reason, it’s a fantastic deal. The value makes the deal very hard to resist.

My 4 nearest Home Depot stores are reporting an average of 58 Milwaukee Fastback and blade pack bundles in stock, but when I checked the closest store this morning, nothing was out yet. This is one of those times when it’s probably best to order online, or sit tight and wait for the holiday deals to hit the sales floor.

Price: $14.88

Buy Now(via Home Depot)