Best Product – Milwaukee Tool Pipeline 2020: The Latest in Cordless Vacs

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Application Example

Milwaukee Tool has announced several new cordless vacuum products as part of their Pipeline 2020 series of episodes. If you missed out, here’s our post about Pipeline, and you can register for Milwaukee tool’s next episode here.

Following is a quick rundown on the 3 newest cordless vacs.


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We had the opportunity for some hands-on time with the new M18 Fuel Packout and M12 Fuel vacuums. More coverage will follow, and please let us know if you have any questions!

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Packout Wet/Dry Vacuum

Milwaukee Packout Vacuum 0970-20

Users have asked Milwaukee Tool for a Packout-compatible cordless vacuum, and here’s their answer.

We have discussed the new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Packout vacuum in its own post, be sure to check that out.

The vac features wet/dry pickup capabilities, 2.5 gallon collection capacity, and a high/low power switch, as well as Packout tool box connectivity.

Milwaukee Packout Vacuum 0970-20 Used While Stacked with Tool Boxes

Additionally, the vacuum can be operated while it’s connected to Milwaukee Packout tool box components, further boosting its versatility.

Milwaukee Packout Vacuum 0970-20 Storage Compartment

Internal storage hoses the included crevice and wide nozzles, as well as being able to accommodate any sized M18 Li-ion battery pack.

Milwaukee Packout Vacuum 0970-20 Power Tool Hose Connector

Aside from the Packout compatibility and the high/low power switch that provides for max power or lower noise and longer runtime, I am particularly excited about the new power tool hose connection accessory.

Angled nozzles are better for cleaning tasks, but not so much if you want to connect them to corded or cordless power tools. This power tool attachment accessory threads onto the end of the hose and is stepped to allow for connection to different dust port diameters. It’s included with the Packout vacuum and available as a separate accessory.

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Filter

The M18 Packout and M12 vacuums will share the same filter model number, 49-90-1900, a washable HEPA filter. This filter will also fit the existing 0880-20 cordless vacuum.

If you have any questions that this post or our separate Milwaukee M18 Fuel cordless Packout vacuum post doesn’t cover, please let us know! I have an early pre-production sample that I’ve been putting through the paces.

Packout Vac Quick Specs

  • Model 0970-20
  • M18 Cordless System
  • Brushless Motor
  • 2.5 gal Capacity
  • Wet/Dry Pickup
  • HEPA Filter
  • ETA Oct 2020

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Photo

Milwaukee’s new M12 Fuel wet/dry vacuum is said to deliver 18-volt performance while also being the most compact 12V vacuum.

It is indeed quite compact compared to competitive 18V-class cordless vacuums, and thanks to its high-efficiency brushless motor, it is also far more powerful than typical 12V-class vacuums typically meant for light-duty spot cleanup tasks.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Application Example

The M12 Fuel vac is said to be the highest performing 12V cordless vacuum, and also quieter than traditional jobsite wet/dry vacuums.

Milwaukee claims that the M12 Fuel vac is noticeably quieter than other competitors in the space, and after some testing of my early sample I definitely have to agree.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Top Handle and Controls

But more than that, you also have a high/low power switch, and so you could dial down the power if or when quieter operation or longer runtime is needed.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Storage Compartment

Under the lid, you have built-in storage space for the included crevice and wide nozzles, and the vac can also accommodate M12 XC batteries for longest runtime than their compact batteries.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Rear

The rear of the vacuum has a curious design that makes sense once you look at the accompanying accessory – a mounting dock.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum Mounting Bracket

You can attach the mounting accessory to carts, walls, or other such vertical surfaces.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuum with Mounting Bracket

Here’s what everything looks like together. Users supply appropriate fasteners for their wall or cart surfaces. The vacuum removes as easily from the mount as it connects.

M12 Fuel Vac Quick Specs

  • Model 0960-21 kit, 0960-20 bare tool
  • M12 Cordless System
  • Brushless Motor
  • 1.6 gal Capacity
  • Wet/Dry Pickup
  • HEPA Filter
  • ETA October 2020

The kit comes with an XC 6.0Ah battery, charger, HEPA filter, crevice tool, utility nozzle wall mount accessory.

The M12 Fuel vac was designed with portable productivity in mind, and to be used in all the kinds of wet or dry pickup tasks you typically have to lug around a larger and heavier 18V-sized or compact corded wet/dry vac for.

At this time, this is the only 12V-class wet/dry vacuum on the market, and it features “18V performance” to boot.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Vacuum

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Vacuum

This is the new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact vacuum.

It doesn’t look like much, you might say.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Vacuum with Hose and Nozzle

What about now? Oh, the hose and tapered nozzle aren’t practical for your use?

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Vacuum with Crevice Tool

What about now, with a crevice nozzle directly attached to the tool?

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Vacuum Floor Brush Configuration with Accessory Storage

Or how about now, with an extension wand and powered floor brush nozzle?

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact Vacuum Configurations

The new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Compact vacuum is designed to be versatile in any environment, and to provide the best spot cleanup performance.

The M12 Fuel and M18 Fuel Packout vacuums discussed above should be able to handle most of your typical jobsite cleanup and dust collection needs. But what about your specialty needs? The times when you need a brush, floor brush, or other such accessory?

This Compact vac was designed to be primarily handheld, and optimized for size. Milwaukee Tool engineered this vacuum and its accessories to be used upright, at waist level, and even overhead.

Special care was taken to ensure there are no chokepoints, with a 1-1/4″ minimal airflow path throughout, which means less clogging. This also includes the powered brushroll.

The M18 Fuel Compact Vacuum is a smaller-sized vacuum. Does this mean it will clog easily? No! The vac features two-stage debris separation, which divides small and large debris into the canister and before entering the filter.

Like the other tools, the cordless Compact vacuum has a high/low power switch.

The vacuum comes with a floor nozzle, powered floor nozzle, flexible hose, crevice tool, utility tool, brush tool (which will be available for separate purchase for use with other vacuums), accessory holder, HEPA filter, and foam pre-filter. It is designed for dry pickup only.

M18 Fuel Compact Vac Specs

  • Model 0940-20
  • M18 Cordless System
  • Brushless Motor
  • 32 CFM Air Volume
  • 80″ Water Lift Sealed Suction
  • 0.25 gal Capacity
  • Weighs 4.35 lbs
  • Dry Pickup
  • HEPA Filter (49-90-2012)
  • ETA October 2020

Where to Buy?

The following retailers have set up Pipeline landing pages where you can view all of the new tools after they’re announced, and preorder when available.

Buy Now via CPO Tools
Buy Now via Tool Nut
Buy Now via Acme Tools

Will Milwaukee’s New Cordless Vacs Change Jobsite Cleanup?

You tell me. Do you think any of these vacuums will be more versatile than your current cleanup tools? Easier to use? Faster? More portable? More convenient? Let’s hear your thoughts.